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The ultimate web3 luxury fashion platform where users can build, collect, stake, and trade metaverse-ready digital fashion backed by NFC-authenticated physical goods.

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Introducing Another-1

With the help of Metaverse narrative, new technologies and evolution of shopping Another-1 stands as a pioneering force at the intersection of luxury fashion and Web3 technology, forging a new era of Phygital experiences. Built on the Polygon blockchain, the platform revolutionizes fashion consumption by enabling users to seamlessly engage with metaverse-ready digital fashion assets backed by NFC-authenticated physical goods. With a robust ecosystem encompassing a token-backed community launchpad, marketplace, and infrastructure, Another-1 serves as the ultimate destination for fashion enthusiasts and industry stakeholders alike.

Another-1's core mission revolves around engineering cutting-edge Phygital Fashion solutions that bridge the gap between traditional fashion and the Web3 sphere. Through a holistic approach, Another-1 empowers brands, designers, retailers, and consumers to easily navigate the creation, collection, consumption, and trading of Phygital collectibles. Another-1 is driven by a vision to redefine the usage of Web3 and Phygital NFTs, transforming them into sustainable tools for businesses and end-users alike.

Another-1's proprietary technology, centered around a two-way NFC-enabled link, facilitates the seamless integration of physical and digital realms, enabling the redemption of physical items through NFTs and rewarding NFT owners with digital assets.

From advanced physical and digital displays to gamification elements and customer loyalty platforms, Another-1's Phygital strategies revolutionize the traditional customer journey, creating a seamless omnichannel experience for users. Through the seamless integration of NFC and NFT technology, Another-1 empowers brands to monitor customer interaction, encourage engagement, and establish stronger customer-brand relationships, ushering in a new era of digital transformation in the fashion industry.


  • The $AN1 token has received a 10/10 score from the smart contract auditor Hacken.

  • There are already concluded, ongoing, and upcoming ADOs.

  • Support from top VCs and ecosystem partners of the Web3 realm such as Animoca Brands, Brinc, and The Sandbox.

  • A huge community with over 65,000 people across various social media platforms.

  • A 651% increase in website traffic since last month.

  • Over $4,400,000 total funds have been raised.

Features & Products

  • NFC + NFT Solution: Each piece of Another-1 merchandise is embedded with a unique NFC chip, granting consumers access to the item's NFT digital passport. Unlike standard NFC tags, Another-1 utilizes advanced authentication technology such as NTAG424, ensuring a high level of authenticity verification with each scan. This robust link between physical objects and digital certificates guarantees the genuineness of scanned items, further secured by blockchain technology. By seamlessly integrating NFC and NFT technology, Another-1 empowers consumers with enhanced transparency and trust in their fashion purchases, fostering a direct and immersive connection between brands and consumers in the digital age.

  • Another Drop Offering (ADO) Launchpad: The ADO Launchpad is a central piece of infrastructure Another-1 provides to brands and designers to seamlessly launch their phygital fashion collections and products by leveraging blockchain technology and our Web3 network. Brands and Designers can benefit from Another-1's one-stop Web3 phygital fashion solution and launch their unique phygital offerings in a cost-effective way. Without the need to build an in-house team from scratch, brands and designers can enjoy Another-1's resources

  • Launch & Manage the Collection via AN1 Toolbox: Use the toolbox to connect & develop the connected digital experience, then launch your collection.

  • Flex to Earn: A turnkey Web3 loyalty program and engagement tool. This module is designed to be a seamless "Plug & Play" solution, allowing brands, games, and event organizers to effortlessly implement a loyalty program that leverages the power of our Phygital technology. By simply scanning the NFC-embedded physical product, they can unlock a world of rewards and incentives for the NFT owners who possess the corresponding physical item. The rewards bestowed upon NFT owners can include tokens, POAPs, in-game assets, and even new NFTs, among other possibilities.

  • Become A Creator: Provides emerging designers and fashion students with the opportunity to showcase their talent while earning financial rewards. Another-1 organizes regular themed design open calls and contests, in collaboration with other Web3 communities and design institutes around the globe. Anyone can apply to and participate in these opportunities. Winners of the competition will have the opportunity to launch their own phygital collections backed by community members and in collaboration with fashion brands.

  • Phygital Marketplace: Marketplace is an interactive trading platform for phygital fashion products. It is the gateway to access an ecosystem where designers, brands, and fashionistas can interact, trade and collect exclusive products with the option to redeem the physical twin, stake the NFTs, and access monetization opportunities through metaverse ready-to-wear digital assets. Marketplace functions include; Mint, Trade, Authenticate and Socialize.

  • One-stop Pyhgital Solution: Brands and Retailers can expect a 360-degree solution for their Web3 Strategies. Another-1 offers a full range of supports ranging from digital content development, Web3 creative marketing, talent scouting, on-chaining & smart contract solution, all the way to manufacturing & shipment, as well as our proprietary NFT+NFC technology to boost ongoing consumer engagement.

  • Economic Incentives: Become a Creator module provides not only an excellent platform for exposure but also opportunities to monetize their creativity through rewards. By becoming a selected talent, designers can enjoy the opportunities to gain a revenue share from the sales, as well as the proceeds from the ongoing loyalty programs.

  • Access to Exclusive Collections: Fashion Lovers can stake their $AN1 tokens to get whitelisted for the upcoming exclusive collections. These phygital collections will provide owners with access to special metaverse experiences, events, and also rewards.

Another-1 Collections

Project NAYOM1: Project NAYOM1 is all about the modernization of a traditional Italian high-heel shoe powerhouse while creating exclusive 'phygital' products for an even more exclusive community of luxury digital fashion consumers.

NTR1-Meta: Exclusive handmade leather shoes wearable in the metaverse, in the real world, and tradable as NFTs. The NTR1-META sneakers are inspired by the magic of the changing Chameleon. Our team admires the human ability to change in the face of adversity, much like how the fascinating Chameleon morphs the color of its skin cells to survive in the most difficult circumstances.

Drip-Lab: Drip-lab is not an NFT project, it is a phygital tale of a street culture, summoned to life by 5 miniature behemoths that are meant to represent our lower selves; birthed on the blockchain and spanning to our tactile reality. Created by ZOOW24 in collaboration with Olmetex & Another-1.™

The SNEAKERHEADZ Society: The SNEAKERHEADZ Society is an international NFT Community composed by 4,444 visionary people living on the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to the establishment of the NFTs and modern society where clothes and accessories are a form of identity expression and subculture affiliation, we are making it possible for our members to fulfill their deep desire to stand out and show off some real taste, by dropping iconic digital collections of sneakers and accessories.

Business Model & Revenue Streams

Another-1 employs a straightforward but effective business model:

  • Average of $15 per AN1 Tag for each garment.

  • $5,000 platform fee and loyalty program support.

  • Average of $50,000 phygital consulting fee.


Another-1's journey from inception to its current standing is marked by a series of significant milestones and achievements. In 2020, the project laid its foundation, assembling a proficient core team and conceptualizing a robust business model to integrate phygital fashion with blockchain technology. This year also saw the establishment of key partnerships with manufacturers and designers, alongside the crystallization of the brand's image and values. The debut in 2021 was marked by the successful sale of The Sneakerheadz Society (TSSNFT) Collection and the launch of the NTR1-META collection, interoperable with Decentraland. Notable partnerships with renowned names like Lucio Vanotti and the initiation of creative projects like "The Wall" underscored Another-1's commitment to innovation and collaboration. 2022 witnessed further expansion and recognition, with successful fundraising rounds, global event participations, key team additions, and the launch of ventures like Nayom1 in partnership with CASADEI. The project's strides in technology development, event sponsorships, and high-profile mentions in publications like Hypebeast and High Snobiety solidified its position as a leader in the intersection of fashion, technology, and blockchain. In 2023, the focus is on launching the virtual influencer NAYOM1 at various fashion shows and establishing a virtual HQ in the Alterverse. In addition, Another-1 plans to release the beta version of the Flex-to-Earn platform and initiate the Become a Creator initiative. They also aim to start the redemption process for the NTR1-META sneakers. Notably, Another-1 receives recognition by being introduced in the ConsenSys Start-up Cohort, signifying a significant milestone in its journey.

In 2024, Another-1 embarks on an ambitious roadmap aimed at further solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the phygital fashion and blockchain space. Key objectives include upgrading the automation level of its phygital toolbox to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Additionally, the establishment of a global business development team is prioritized to expand market reach and forge strategic partnerships worldwide. The UI/UX of the Flex-to-Earn platform undergoes a significant upgrade, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. Another-1 also focuses on building a robust B2B client pipeline while increasing metaverse interoperability and real-world engagement functions. Cross-chain integration is pursued to enhance the project's ecosystem and expand its operational capabilities. With these initiatives, Another-1 aims to cement its status as an industry leader, driving innovation and growth in the phygital and blockchain domains.

Tokenomics & Token Utilities

  • Token name: Another-1 Token

  • Token Ticker: $AN1

  • Token Standard: Polygon ERC-20

  • Network: Polygon Blockchain

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

  • Fully Diluted Valuation: $50,000,000

  • Initial Market Cap Without Liquidity: $1,375,000

  • Initial Market Cap: $3,175,000

Finceptor's investors will participate in the Public Sale Round and will have 25% of their tokens available at launch.

Public Sale Round cliff/vest schedule: 25% TGE Unlock, followed by 3 months monthly linear vesting. $AN1 plays a crucial role within the Another-1 ecosystem, offering diverse functionalities:

  • Businesses will acquire tokens to create a reward pool for Flex-2-Earn.

  • Users can earn rewards with AN1 tokens by "flexing" (Flex-2-Earn) their IRL AN1 fashion collections.

  • Tiered single-sided staking system will allow holders to earn yield based on different time-based lock-ups.

  • By staking, users will access their Membership Management Panel to upgrade their staking level and unlock exclusive rights and utilities within the Another-1 ecosystem.

  • Access to raffles is granted by staking a minimum amount of 100 $AN1 tokens.

  • Joining and voting for Another Drop Offerings require staking a minimum amount of 100 $AN1 tokens.

  • Creating or listing a collection requires staking a minimum amount of 10,000 $AN1 tokens.

  • Launching an Another Drop Offering requires staking a minimum amount of 100,000 $AN1 tokens.

  • Deflationary mechanism involves burning the tokens that earned from platform fees generated by actions such as minting NFTs, redeeming or forging physical collectibles, trading collections, receiving rewards from Flex-2-Earn, creating a collection by a designer, buying booster packs, and participating in a raffle.


Another-1's team is a dynamic assembly of modern pioneers, bridging the realms of physical and digital landscapes with finesse. Each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table, embodying the essence of versatility, creativity, and innovation.

At the helm is CEO Marco, a seasoned expert in Corporate Finance and M&A, who brings over a decade of experience in Advisory and Private Equity. His leadership is backed by a proven track record in developing businesses across continents, coupled with his role as Partner and Head of Cross-Border M&A at Kreston GV Capital.

Supporting Marco is COO Yubin, whose proficiency in PE/VC investment and Cross-Border M&A is matched only by his linguistic prowess in Chinese, Cantonese, English, and Italian. His extensive background in project management, coupled with his experience in the MEAN and APAC regions, adds depth to Another-1's strategic endeavors.

Driving the technological front is CTO Krzysztof, a visionary with over 15 years of experience in tech, particularly in blockchain and AI. His expertise in developing advanced solutions, such as an AAVE liquidation bot, underscores Another-1's commitment to innovation in the digital realm.

Francesco, the Creative Director, melds fashion and business expertise to craft innovative concepts in menswear, lifestyle, and street culture. Aki, the Business Developer, utilizes his multicultural background to spearhead strategic partnerships and market expansions in the APAC region, anchoring Another-1's global presence. Sven, the Marketing Manager, leads the charge in NFT & DeFi branding, positioning Another-1 as a leader in digital assets through strategic community engagement. Lionel, the Phygital Fashion Director, leverages his digital marketing prowess and sneaker industry knowledge to democratize hype goods creation and trading. Lastly, the Digital Art Director's decade-long gaming experience enriches Another-1's commitment to pioneering digital artistry and innovation.

Together, Another-1's team represents a harmonious fusion of talent and innovation, poised to redefine the modern luxury landscape and revolutionize the creation and trading of hype goods in the phygital age.

Investors & Partnerships

Another-1 has secured support from an impressive array of investors, boasting over 34 backers for the project. Noteworthy industry leaders such as Animoca Brands and The Sandbox headline the list, with Another-1 also earning recognition as a member of Animoca's Brinc Cohort program, underscoring its potential and standing in the market. Among the notable investors are GD10 Ventures, AAG Ventures, Altcoin Buzz, AVstar Capital, Blockpath, Brinc, Mint Ventures, Launch Zone Ventures, Trustswap, WING, FBG Capital, MEXC Global, Vendetta Capital, Crypto Avengers, SUPRA Oracles, Baselayer Capital, Cryptobuddy, Criterion, 816 Capital, Hashigo Ventures, Dutch Crypto Investors, SMO Capital, Digital Strategies, DM Labs, WTMC, Poolz Ventures, MH Ventures, Kangaroo Capital, Oracles Investment Group, alongside various private investors.

Additionally, Another-1 has established strategic partnerships with key players in the web3 sphere, including Polygon Studios, Metaverse Fashion Council, Fractal, Olemetx, Alterverse, Union Avatars, Swappable, ChainGuardians, Cryowar, ArtsDAO, JoyFa, Affyn, TSS,, BlokPad, PeakDefi, EnjinStarter,, and numerous others. These collaborations are geared towards accelerating the widespread adoption of phygital and metaverse technologies, affirming Another-1's dedication to leading innovation and embracing industry advancements.


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