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DAO Maker stands out as a leading incubation, fundraising, and acceleration platform boasting a vast network of successfully launched projects.

Bond Details

Bond is a new way to acquire exchange-listed tokens at a discount. The discounted-but-vested tokens are available for purchase for 10% and 20 days vesting. The auction type is called "Fixed-swap auction" which starts and ends with the same discount rate and vesting terms.

  • Discount Rate: 10%
  • Vesting Duration: 20 days
  • Start-End Time:
  • Staking Requirement: 2000 FINC (Pre-staking, DAO farm, Flexible, and Locked)
Bond Size
41,666.00 DAO
Current Price
1 DAO = N/A
Discounted Price
Bond Cost
Bonded Tokens
0.00 DAO


DAO Maker Token

Introducing DAO Maker

DAO Maker stands out as a leading incubation, fundraising, and acceleration platform boasting a vast network of successfully launched projects. Renowned for its slogan, "The best launchpad with the most KYC-ed users," DAO Maker currently boasts over 310,000 KYC-verified users. Furthermore, DAO Maker boasts a community of 800,000,000 members across diverse social media channels, with a monthly visitation ranging from 200,000 to 300,000 for their website.

Distinguished for hosting top-tier Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) featuring exceptional projects, DAO Maker has successfully crowdfunded over 124 startups, accumulating a total of $54 million from contributors. The distribution outcome of this $54 million has reached an impressive $553 million.

According to DefiLama's data as of December 19, 2023, DAO Maker reports a total staked value of $99.62 million worth of $DAO, representing a substantial 36.09% of the current market capitalization. The average duration of staking, or locked days for $DAO, stands at 742 days, resulting in stakers earning a cumulative 11 million $DAO as of today.

In terms of market capitalization, $DAO ranks 182nd among tokens with $232,376,391, and 431st by its fully diluted market capitalization, which amounts to $366,945,188. These figures underscore the token's notable position in the market.


  • Token Sale Launchpad: DaoMaker serves as a distinguished launchpad for token sales, facilitating projects in raising funds through a meticulously structured and secure process.
  • Public SHO: Essentially a public sale, open to anyone with a minimum of $250 worth of DAO in their wallet, ensuring broad accessibility.
  • Private SHO: An exclusive public sale where staking $DAO guarantees participants high allocations at discounted fees, adding an element of privilege and incentivizing staking.
  • Community Building: The platform prioritizes community engagement and development, cultivating a robust network around the projects it supports.
  • Decentralized Governance: DAO Maker incorporates decentralized governance features, empowering token holders to actively participate in decision-making processes through their voting power.
  • Dao Maker Incubation: DAO Maker takes a hands-on approach by incubating selected projects, providing comprehensive support to expedite their launch timelines and fortify the overall strength of the project.
  • Farms and Vesting: DAO Maker offers users the opportunity to engage in token staking and liquidity farms, enabling them to monitor liquidity locks, distributions, and vesting schedules. Additionally, DAO Maker employs a non-inflationary staking mechanism, allocating staking rewards from the fees users have paid.
  • Refund and User Protection Policy: DAO Maker implements a robust refund policy within its sales, typically extending for 7 days post a token's launch. Participants who have not claimed their tokens are eligible to request a refund if dissatisfied with the token's performance, demonstrating a commitment to user protection and satisfaction.

Revenue Streams

DAO Maker generates revenue through various channels, such as charging fees for hosting token sales on its platform, providing premium services to projects.

DAO Maker is a cash-flow-positive and self-funded company since late 2018. DAO Maker crossed $1.7M in 2020 revenue, from technology product offerings, consulting services, incubations, and enterprise offerings.

  • Managed Funding - Tokens: Percentage of raise, Percentage of token supply
  • Platform for Compliant Raise - Tokens: Percentage of raise and/or tokens, Flat Compliance Fee
  • Platform for Compliant Raise: Percentage of raise, Percentage of shares, Flat Compliance Fee

Tokenomics & Token Utilities

DAO Maker likely features its native utility token, $DAO, which assumes a pivotal role within the ecosystem. The token encompasses various utilities, such as governance rights within the DAO Maker's DAO, participation in IDO sales, and exclusive access to discounts and allocations.

To participate in sales on DAO Maker, users are required to stake a predetermined amount of $DAO. Additionally, DaoMaker occasionally conducts its sales using the $DAO token in conjunction with USDT. This strategy facilitates the circulation of $DAO within the ecosystem, thereby generating demand.

The $DAO token is accessible on two blockchain networks: Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

$DAO’s CoinMarketCap page.

$DAO is prominently listed on over 20 Centralized Exchanges (CEX) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) with a variety of trading pairs. Notable CEXs include OKX, KuCoin,, HTX, MEXC, and Bitget, while well-known DEXs encompass Pancakeswap, Uniswap, and Sushiswap.


Before you consider participating in any investment opportunities on Finceptor, please take a moment to read and understand the following important information. Investing in cryptocurrencies, Web3 projects, and participating in token sales involve inherent risks you should be aware of.

  • Risk of Loss: Investing in cryptocurrencies and Web3 projects carries a significant risk of financial loss. Prices of tokens and cryptocurrencies can be extremely volatile and unpredictable. You could lose all or a substantial portion of your investment.
  • Research: You are responsible for conducting thorough research before participating in any investment opportunity. This includes understanding the project's purpose, technology, team, and market potential. Do not invest solely based on hype or promises.
  • Regulatory Considerations: Cryptocurrencies and Web3 projects are subject to various regulatory frameworks in different jurisdictions. Regulatory changes could impact the legality and functioning of projects. Ensure you understand the legal implications in your country or region.
  • Scams and Fraud: The cryptocurrency space has been associated with scams, fraudulent schemes, and phishing attacks. Be cautious of unsolicited offers, and always verify the authenticity of the information and individuals involved in a project.
  • Unpredictable Technology: Web3 projects use new and advanced tech that might not be fully checked. This could lead to problems and money loss.
  • Liquidity Risks: Tokens acquired through pre-sales or investments may not have an active secondary market initially, which could limit your ability to buy, sell, or trade them.
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