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Edu3Labs combines education and blockchain technology to create a platform where content creators, learners, and $NFE token holders can all benefit.

Bond Details

Bond introduces a novel method for acquiring exchange-listed tokens at a discount. The auction begins with a pre-determined discount rate, progressively decreasing linearly with the involvement of purchasers. The auction type, known as a "Descending Dutch auction," initiates with an initial discount rate. As demand for bonds increases, the discount rate decreases linearly, fostering economic competitiveness among market participants.

  • Discount Rate: 20% - 10%
  • Vesting Duration: 20 days - 10 days
  • Start-End Time:
  • Staking Requirement: 2000 FINC (Flexible and Locked)
Bond Size
555,555.00 NFE
Current Price
1 NFE = N/A
Discounted Price
Loading.../3,000.00 USDT
Bond Cost
Bonded Tokens
0.00 NFE


Introducing Edu3Labs

Introducing Edu3Labs, a pioneering fusion of education and blockchain technology tailored for the Web 3.0 era. Gone are the days of mundane learning and financial burdens; Edu3Labs redefines the educational landscape with its groundbreaking "Learn+Earn" concept.

By harnessing the power of gamification, entertainment, and incentivization, Edu3Labs transforms traditional education into an engaging and rewarding experience for both content creators and learners. Through its NFE marketplace, Edu3Labs empowers educators to monetize their expertise while providing students with the motivation to excel through incentives like NFE tokens.

Moreover, this innovative platform revolutionizes the publishing industry by offering authors higher commissions and enabling ongoing revenue streams through NFTs and secondary market sales. Edu3Labs is not just an education platform; it's a catalyst for a dynamic and sustainable ecosystem where learning, earning, and creativity converge seamlessly in the Web3-Based education revolution.

Features & Products

  • NFE Marketplace: Edu3Labs' NFE Marketplace offers students access to educational content through NFT ownership, earning NFE tokens for completion. Content creators monetize expertise via NFT sales, gaining royalties. Academics can sell research as NFTs. The model incentivizes learning and rewards contribution. Revenue distribution ensures sustainability, with allocations for content creators, students, platform development, marketing, and token stakers.
  • Artificial Intelligence Integration: Edu3Labs utilizes AI extensively to personalize learning, gamify education, offer career guidance, and conduct examinations. AI analyzes individual learning patterns, tailors content, fosters engagement through gamified elements, provides personalized career recommendations, and ensures secure and unbiased assessments, contributing to an enhanced learning experience for users.
  • Edu3Verse: Edu3Verse, an Unreal Engine-based metaverse by Edu3Labs, offers a virtual city experience for students, investors, companies, and entrepreneurs. It provides live classes, networking spaces, and social areas for collaboration. Users can access learning resources, discover investment opportunities, and connect with peers. Edu3Verse aims to foster a high-quality community with intellectual growth while offering a unique and innovative environment for its users.
  • Educational Gaming: Edu3Labs' Educational Gaming department develops blockchain-based educational games for individuals and corporate clients under the concept of "Play, Learn, and Earn." Games cover various topics like mathematics, language learning, science, history, business, and technical skills. Players earn rewards in the form of NFE tokens as they progress, which can unlock additional content or be redeemed for cash. Corporate clients can customize games for employee training in leadership, sales, cybersecurity, communication, and teamwork. The department aims to make learning enjoyable and effective by gamifying education.
  • Synergy Analysis: Edu3Labs' synergy analysis highlights the interconnected ecosystem blending education and technology. The NFE Marketplace and AI synergize to offer personalized learning paths and drive demand for NFE tokens. The NFE token serves as the linchpin, facilitating transactions, rewarding content creators, and enabling participation in the metaverse and educational games. Gamification through quizzes and educational games incentivizes learning and showcases the versatility of the NFE token. The Edu3Labs Metaverse fosters a virtual learning world supporting NFE token transactions. This synergistic approach creates a feedback loop of continuous improvement and expansion, offering benefits for content creators, students, investors, and entrepreneurs. Edu3Labs' ecosystem revolutionizes knowledge consumption and creates a sustainable business model, marking a new era of inclusive and engaging learning experiences.
  • Study&Earn: Edu3Labs implements a rewards system, allowing students to earn rewards by participating in quizzes and knowledge competitions. Rewards can be used to unlock additional learning content, purchase study materials, or redeem for cash. This system aims to motivate and engage students, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement. Additionally, it recognizes students' achievements, builds self-efficacy and confidence, and cultivates a competitive atmosphere for better learning outcomes. Edu3Labs believes this rewards system is a powerful tool to drive student engagement and success, anticipating a positive impact on academic performance.

Revenue Streams

  • NFE Sales Commissions: Edu3Labs will earn a fee for each transaction made on the Edu3Labs NFE Marketplace.
  • Staking Deposit and Withdrawal Fees: Edu3Labs will charge a small fee for staking deposits and withdrawals to cover the cost of processing these transactions.
  • Quiz Entrance Fee: Edu3Labs will charge a small fee for students to participate in quizzes, which can be used to unlock additional learning content or redeem for cash.
  • Knowledge Competition Entrance Fee: Edu3Labs will charge a small fee for students to participate in a knowledge competition, which can be used to unlock additional learning content or redeemed for cash.
  • Sponsorship for each Knowledge Contest: Edu3Labs will offer sponsorship opportunities for companies to sponsor knowledge contests and increase their visibility among students.
  • In-class Advertising: Edu3Labs will offer advertising opportunities for companies to place ads in virtual classrooms and increase their visibility among students.
  • NFT Sales Commission: Edu3Labs will earn a commission on the sales of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that are created by the students, instructors or other members of the community in the Edu3Verse.
  • Monetization of Instructors with Power of AI: Edu3Labs will provide instructors with the necessary tools to monetize their content by using AI to identify the most engaging and profitable topics.
  • Rental fee of areas in Edu3Verse: Edu3Labs will charge rental fees for companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals to use virtual spaces in the Edu3Verse for events, meetings, or other activities.
  • Entrance fee for events in Edu3Verse: Edu3Labs will charge an entrance fee for events that are held in the Edu3Verse, such as conferences, webinars, and other educational activities.
  • Metaverse Advertising Revenue: Edu3Labs will earn revenue from advertising that is placed throughout the Edu3Verse.

Tokenomics & Token Utilities

  • Token Ticker: $NFE
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Network: BNB Smart Chain
  • Total Supply: 900,000,000

Forward Protocol's CoinMarketCap page.

$NFE token has officially been listed on, MEXC and Pancakeswap.

$NFE contract address: 0xf03Ca04Dd56D695a410f46F14feF4028B22FB79A

555,555 $NFE tokens will be sold with a discount ranging from 10% to 20%, and the vesting period will vary from 10 days to 20 days depending on the discount percentage.

$NFE plays a crucial role within the Edu3Labs' Ecosystem, offering diverse functionalities:



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