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Octavia, a cutting-edge AI assistant, equipped with deep crypto knowledge, direct access to on-chain data, and internet connectivity, serves as your ultimate sidekick for research, trading, and beyond.

Bond Details

Bond is a new way to acquire exchange-listed tokens at a discount. The discounted-but-vested tokens are available for purchase for 10% and 20 days vesting. The auction type is called "Fixed-swap auction" which starts and ends with the same discount rate and vesting terms.

  • Discount Rate: 20% - 10%
  • Vesting Duration: 20 days - 10 days
  • Start-End Time:
  • Staking Requirement: 2000 FINC (Flexible and Locked)
Bond Size
35,000.00 VIA
Current Price
1 VIA = N/A
Discounted Price
Loading.../500.00 USDT
Bond Cost
Bonded Tokens
0.00 VIA


Introducing Octavia

Octavia represents a groundbreaking advancement in AI technology within the Web3 space, spearheading the development of next-generation AI Assistants. At its core lies Octavia Assistant, a versatile tool revolutionizing and simplifying the Web3 user experience. Complementing this is Octavia for Groups, a transformative AI Community Manager designed for moderation and community management within Telegram and Discord communities. Powered by Octavia's advanced technology, these tools accurately address in-context questions and maintain friendly, safe environments by effectively enforcing bespoke community rules. With over 270,000 community members, Octavia is poised to revolutionize the crypto and AI landscape.

Features & Products

  • Octavia Assistant: A versatile Web3 assistant proficient in assisting with research, trading, and automated trading. Accessible across various platforms, including a dedicated app, Discord, and Telegram. Research with Octavia - Simply ask Octavia any question about a crypto project, and it will efficiently conduct the research to provide a precise answer Trading with Octavia - Soon, Octavia will have the capability to execute trades on your behalf, so you could, for example, ask Octavia to buy Bitcoin for you directly from your phone Automation with Octavia - Octavia is also set to offer trade automation, allowing you to set commands like "Buy $500 in BTC when the Bitcoin ETF is approved."
  • Octavia for Groups: A groundbreaking tool for moderating chat messages in online communities, equipped to respond to support queries with context-aware intelligence and effective FUD removal. Revolutionizes community management by autonomously moderating chat messages, including videos, audio, text, and images. Ensures a friendly and safe environment within Telegram and Discord communities, promoting healthy interactions and fostering community growth. Octavia offers insightful analytics, tracking support requests, identifying key disruptors, and assessing conversation trends, for a comprehensive and quick overview of community health.
  • The First On-Chain AI: Octavia has access to both the internet and the blockchain. This allows her to research and retrieve information about tokens, wallets, contracts, and more.
  • Securely Connected to Your Wallet: Octavia can carry out actions on-chain for you, such as buying tokens, scheduling orders, and participating in presales. This connection is done securely to ensure the safety of your assets.
  • Inbuilt AI Memory: Octavia has a real working memory that learns about you and your preferences. This memory allows Octavia to personalize her assistance and provide a better user experience.


2024 Q1

  • Document Upload for Assistant Knowledgebase - Improve your FAQ effortlessly
  • AI Analytics - Get insights into the discussions in your community.
  • Voice Note/Audio AI Moderation - Detect abuse within Voice Notes & Audio.
  • Multi-message Moderation - Detect and prevents abuse spread across multiple messages.
  • Finalse Seed and Private Rounds
  • Launch token
  • Finalise IDOs - Decubate & Poolz + Two more to be announced.
  • CEX - List on 2 Top 10 CEXs
  • Onboard 100 communities to Octavia moderation
  • Reach over 200,000 active users (over 150k now)
  • Reach 2,000,000 conversations with Octavia

2024 Q2

  • AI Disruptive User Detection - Detect, Review and Ban users who subtly add negativity and FUD to your group.
  • Sentiment Analysis and Reporting - Detect and Review trends in your community.
  • Proactive Support - Octavia identifies answerable questions and automatically responds to users without being tagged. (Configurable)
  • Image & Sticker AI Moderation - detect abusive images and stickers and moderate them automatically.
  • Refer2Earn Launch - Users can introduce Octavia's moderation tool to new paying clients to earn a staking APY or bulk token bonus.
  • Octavia API - Create custom integrations to allow Octavia to speak to users in new ways, directly tap into the world of crypto knowledge.
  • Whitelabel & Customise Octavia

2024 Q3

  • Train2Earn Launch - users can train Octavia's latest moderation models and provide feedback to earn tokens.
  • Octavia Assistant Beta - Leave alpha with improved blockchain research and initial implementation of token trading.
  • Web Client Release - Speak to Octavia in the web client and get contextual information as you converse.
  • Octavia for Chrome/Firefox Assistant release - Get Contextual information about tokens you discover online.
  • AI Autoban - Detects and automatically bans Paid FUD & Paid Shiller accounts
  • Enterprise Service Launch

2024 Q4

  • In-Chat Buys - Allows you to buy the project token within communities chats.
  • Learn2Earn Launch - Use Octavia as a learning tool and win rewards.


  • Automated Trading - "Buy me $500 of bitcoin when the next ETF is approved"
  • Portfolio Tracking - Ask questions about your portfolio composition, risk, strategy and performance.
  • Expand beyond crypto communities - Offer moderation for more than just crypto communities.
  • More to be announced - Our public roadmap offers the vision for the following year, allowing us to research, innovate and deploy new services in an agile manner.

Revenue Streams

  • Commission on AI-PoweredSwaps and Orders: Octavia charges a commission in $VIA for transactions made through the AI, including swaps and orders, contributing to Octavia's revenue stream.
  • Revenue from Moderation Services: Octavia generates income from moderation services offered to communities, accepting payments in $VIA or stablecoins like USDT/USDC. This revenue is fully reinvested into the token economy in the first year, and 35% thereafter once break-even is reached. The burn rate for this is $35k per month.
  • Token Circulation Management: All $VIA tokens used in reward schemes are purchased using moderation revenues, effectively reducing the free float and accumulating tokens from the market into the Treasury.

Through these diverse revenue channels, Octavia ensures a steady flow of income, crucial for sustaining and scaling our operations in the dynamic Web3 and crypto markets.

Tokenomics & Token Utilities

  • Token name: Octavia Token
  • Token Ticker: $VIA
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Network: BNB Smart Chain
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000

Octavia's CoinMarketCap page. As of February 20, 2024, $VIA has officially been listed on and MEXC CEXes, and Pancakeswap DEX. $VIA contract address: 0x21ac3bB914f90A2Bb1a16088E673a9fdDa641434 $VIA listing price was $0.10. 55,000 $VIA tokens will be sold with a discount ranging from 10% to 20%, and the vesting period will vary from 10 days to 20 days depending on the discount percentage.

$VIA plays a crucial role within the Octavia Ecosystem, offering diverse functionalities:

  • Staking: By staking $VIA, users will be able to earn ecosystem rewards.
  • Premium Features: $VIA holders will have the opportunity to access advanced workflows, private mode, automated trading, and more.
  • Governance: Octavia allows $VIA token holders to participate in the decision-making process. They can propose, discuss, and vote on new features, adjustments to the protocol, or any changes in the ecosystem.
  • Train-to-Earn: A revolutionary concept where users can directly contribute to Octaiva's development by providing feedback on Octavia's output for ecosystem rewards.

Marketing & User Acquisition Strategy

Octavia's marketing and user acquisition strategy harnesses a wealth of experience and strategic partnerships to effectively target and engage its initial user base. Drawing upon the team's proven success in launching crypto projects with remarkable results, such as dApps boasting $2.6 billion in trading volume and connections with over 300,000 wallets, Octavia capitalizes on its track record to instill confidence and attract users. The deployment of 'Octavia for Groups' serves as a direct avenue for showcasing the platform's strengths and capabilities to targeted audiences, facilitating user expansion and network growth.

Strategic partnerships with industry leaders, including UNXC, Li.Fi Protocol, Finceptor, Jump Exchange, and ApeBond, bolster Octavia's ecosystem, while a robust KOL marketing approach amplifies retail investor awareness and engagement through influential industry figures. Additionally, Octavia's solid lineup of top-tier exchanges and launchpads for its Token Generation Event (TGE) ensures significant market traction and a successful launch.

With a clear focus on community growth, Octavia aims to integrate over 200 communities, each with a minimum of 10,000 members, into 'Octavia for Groups'. This strategy not only expands Octavia's visibility and user engagement within the DeFi space but also positions the platform to have daily contact with over 1 million DeFi users.

Through these multifaceted strategies, Octavia is poised to make a substantial impact in the crypto market, solidifying its user base and enhancing its brand presence within the DeFi community.


Octavia's team is a powerhouse of diverse talent and expertise, led by the visionary Luke Martinez, whose pioneering spirit drives the ethos of innovation at Octavia Labs. Luke's remarkable track record, exemplified by his co-founding role in Bogged and subsequent success in propelling it to unprecedented heights, underscores his visionary leadership and relentless drive for excellence. Alongside Luke, the team boasts seasoned professionals like Brett, Alexander, Kelvin, Elliot, Martin, Harry, Valdo, Pope, and Pritam, each contributing their unique skills and dedication to Octavia's mission. From senior engineers to marketing experts, business development managers to front-end developers, and branding specialists to community managers, every member of the Octavia team plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the crypto landscape.

Together, they embody Octavia's commitment to revolutionizing the industry through cutting-edge technology, strategic partnerships, and unwavering dedication to user satisfaction.

Investors & Partnerships


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