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XOX Labs, the one-stop platform for all your DeFi needs, with a community consisting of over 150,000 people. With a suite of complementary solutions built on top of 60+ blockchains and integrated across 150+ DEXs, 30+ DEX Aggregators, and multiple bridges, XOX Labs is bringing DeFi accessibility to users of all levels.

Bond Details

Bond is a new way to acquire exchange-listed tokens at a discount. The discounted-but-vested tokens are available for purchase for 10% and 20 days vesting. The auction type is called "Fixed-swap auction" which starts and ends with the same discount rate and vesting terms.

  • Discount Rate: 30% - 15%
  • Vesting Duration: 24 days - 12 days
  • Start-End Time:
  • Staking Requirement: 2000 FINC (Flexible and Locked)
Bond Size
500,000.00 XOX
Current Price
1 XOX = N/A
Discounted Price
Loading.../500.00 USDT
Bond Cost
Bonded Tokens
0.00 XOX


Introducing XOX Labs

Introducing XOX Labs, the one-stop platform for all your DeFi needs, with a community consisting of over 150,000 people. With a suite of complementary solutions built on top of 60+ blockchains and integrated across 150+ DEXs, 30+ DEX Aggregators, and multiple bridges, XOX Labs is bringing DeFi accessibility to users of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned DeFi enthusiast, XOX Labs has something for you. Instantly swap tokens at the best rates, contribute liquidity to earn trading fees, and earn additional yield farming rewards. Stake XOX to earn protocol fees, receive stable rewards for contributing XOX liquidity, and enjoy rewards for referrals. Track token holdings across chains with the XOX Portfolio Manager and participate in the XOX Lottery V1 for a chance to win XOX funded through protocol fees. Invest in new projects with the XOX Multi-chain Launchpad and stay updated with the latest token and market data via the XOX Coin Listing Site. All of this is accessible via the convenient XOX Mobile Wallet, providing users with a comprehensive and user-friendly DeFi experience. With a commitment to sustainability, decentralization, scalability, and transparency, XOX Labs is pushing the boundaries of digital asset management.

Features & Products

XOX DEX V1: The XOX DEX V1 is a decentralized exchange (DEX) and aggregator that enables users to seamlessly swap between tokens without having to rely on any intermediaries. Swaps are routed through XOX DEX V1 pools as well as pools on UniSwap and PancakeSwap in order to source the most favorable rates. Liquidity providers also stand to benefit by providing liquidity and yield farming on XOX DEX V1 pools.

XOX Cross-Chain Bridge: The XOX Cross-chain Bridge, developed by XOX Labs, offers users a friendly and cost-effective means to transfer XOX tokens across all supported chains within the XOX ecosystem. The XOX Cross-chain Bridge currently supports XOX transfers across the Ethereum, BSC, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism and zkSync Era.

XOX Portfolio Manager: A revolutionary solution designed to simplify the management of digital assets across multiple chains. With no sign-ups or accounts required, users can conveniently view their token holdings and track their performance within a single platform. Offering features such as total combined value assessment, detailed token information, asset performance metrics, transaction history tracking, and direct token purchase capabilities, the XOX Portfolio Manager provides users with comprehensive insights to make informed decisions. Continuously evolving with new features based on community feedback and market trends.

XOX DEX V2: XOX DEX V2 revolutionizes decentralized trading by aggregating liquidity from over 150 DEXs across 60+ chains, offering traders the best rates for their trades. With a focus on accessibility, XOX DEX V2 provides a seamless trading experience across multiple blockchains, ensuring fast, secure, and intuitive transactions. Users benefit from advanced features such as multi-chain support, smart liquidity aggregation, advanced routing algorithms, low fees, gasless trading, and a user-friendly interface with limit and market order options.

XOX Lottery V1: An addition to the DeFi landscape where users can win significant XOX Token prizes in regular lottery draws. Funded by a portion of the XOX Token transaction tax, this lottery offers a chance to win big while contributing to protocol growth.

XOX Mobile Wallet: The XOX Mobile Wallet offers convenient access to the XOX ecosystem, allowing users to trade across 60+ chains and 150+ DEXs with XOX DEX V2. Users can maximize their yields by providing liquidity to XOX DEX V2 pools and managing their portfolios in real-time, complete with price alerts and profit tracking. The platform optimizes gas fees for crypto transfers and facilitates secure storage, sending, and receiving of NFTs. Users can stay updated on crypto news and share insights via the Crypto Hub Feed, while the XOX Labs Foundation Academy provides educational resources. With access to trading data and tools, including charts and technical indicators, the platform aims to enhance the crypto journey for users. Committed to accessibility and security, the XOX Mobile Wallet ensures a user-friendly experience while prioritizing the safety of assets through encryption and an open-source approach.

XOX Multi-Chain Launchpad: The XOX Multi-chain Launchpad aims to provide investors with a streamlined and secure platform to access and invest in the best upcoming crypto projects. With multi-chain capabilities supporting at least 10 blockchains at launch, the platform offers advanced and simple interfaces for users, along with a variety of investment options such as fair launches, presales, and private sales. Other features include an in-built referral program, no minimum investment requirement, and whitelisted & early access opportunities for specific investors. Additionally, the launchpad offers services such as KYC & audits, airdrop services, anti-bot measures, and marketing support for vested projects.

XOX Multi-Chain Coin Listing Site: The XOX Listing Site offers free multi-chain token listings, ensuring decentralization and diversity in featured tokens. It provides comprehensive token data, implements a fair ranking system, and features an in-built decentralized exchange (DEX) for convenient trading. Additionally, the platform offers educational content, community engagement features such as airdrops and giveaways, advanced charting tools, smart contract scanners for security, blockchain-related news, and NFT statistics. Through these functionalities, the goal is to drive adoption of decentralized technologies and promote financial sovereignty for all stakeholders.


Revenue Streams

XOX Labs operates on a comprehensive and sustainable business model that encompasses various revenue streams within the decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3 solutions space. These revenue streams are essential for the long-term viability and growth of the project:

  • Transaction Fees: A primary source of revenue for XOX Labs is transaction fees generated from activities within the ecosystem. This includes fees from swapping, trading, and liquidity provision on the XOX Labs decentralized exchange (DEX). A percentage of these fees contributes to the project's revenue.

  • XOX Token Fees: The XOX Token has an inherent fee mechanism associated with it. For instance, the XOX Dev v2 protocol charges a fixed 0.1% fee on all completed trades. This fee contributes to the revenue stream.

  • Staking Fees: Users who engage in staking XOX Tokens to earn staking rewards contribute to the platform's revenue. A portion of the staking rewards is often allocated to the platform or shared with the ecosystem, generating consistent revenue over time.

  • Referral Program: XOX Labs incorporates a gamified referral program, allowing users to share referral codes in exchange for USDT or USDC rewards for both the referrers and referees. The platform charges withdrawal fees as part of the referral program, which contributes to the revenue.

  • Stable Coin Withdraw Fees: XOX Labs offers a stablecoin, XOXS, for staking. Users who withdraw their stablecoin holdings are subject to withdrawal fees, which constitute another revenue stream for the platform.

  • Outsourcing Blockchain Development Services: XOX Labs leverages its expertise and experience in blockchain and DeFi development to offer outsourcing services to other blockchain projects. This includes smart contract development, protocol enhancements, and other blockchain-related services, resulting in a fee-based income stream.

  • Launchpad Revenue: XOX Labs hosts launchpad events for new projects within the ecosystem. The platform charges fees for the launchpad services and gains revenue from the projects that choose to launch on its platform.

  • Strategic Partnerships: XOX Labs collaborates with strategic partners and backers, which may involve financial agreements and investments. These partnerships can lead to joint ventures, revenue-sharing agreements, and other financial benefits.

  • XOX Token Burns: While not a direct revenue source, token burns have an indirect impact on the project's revenue model. Token burns reduce the total token supply, potentially increasing the value of existing tokens held by the project, which, in turn, can be leveraged for future revenue-generating activities.

Tokenomics & Token Utilities

Token name: XOX Token

Token Ticker: $XOX

Token Standard: BEP-20

Network: BNB Chain

Total Supply: 180,000,000

XOX Labs' CoinMarketCap page. $XOX has officially been listed on Bitmart, and Pancakeswap.

$XOX contract address: 0x0f5c78f152152dda52a2ea45b0a8c10733010748

250,000 $XOX tokens will be sold with a discount ranging from 15% to 30%, and the vesting period will vary from 12 days to 24 days depending on the discount percentage.

XOX Token serves as the backbone of the entire XOX Labs ecosystem. It is the primary means of accessing and utilizing various services and products offered within the platform.

Users require XOX Tokens for activities such as swapping, staking, participating in yield farming, bridging assets across chains, and taking advantage of referral programs. The more utility services and features the ecosystem offers, the higher the demand for XOX Tokens becomes.

  • Staking and Passive Income: XOX Token holders can stake their tokens to earn a substantial annual percentage yield (APY). This passive income opportunity incentivizes users to acquire and hold XOX Tokens. Higher staking rewards lead to increased demand as more users seek to capitalize on the yield potential.

  • Revenue Sharing: The ecosystem shares its revenue with XOX Token holders. A portion of fees generated from transactions and other activities within the ecosystem is distributed among token holders. This encourages long-term ownership, as holders are not only looking for capital appreciation but also consistent revenue-sharing opportunities.

  • Liquidity Provision: Users can provide liquidity to the XOX Labs DEX, and in return, they earn XOX Tokens and transaction fees. This mechanism incentivizes liquidity providers and locks up a portion of the token supply, reducing circulating supply.

  • Lottery Participation: XOX can be used to buy lottery tickets and get a chance to win massive rewards. 5% of the total transaction tax is used to buy XOX and add them to the lottery fund for players to win it. This use case adds a fun and exciting element to the ecosystem while providing users with the opportunity to earn additional rewards.

  • Launchpad Participation: In the XOX Multi-chain Launchpad, XOX can be used to get better allocations in projects that users like. This use case provides users with the opportunity to invest in projects they believe in while providing them with better returns.

  • XOX DEX V2 Main Currency: XOX is also the main currency used in the XOX DEX V2 to pay for services, earn programs, liquidity providers, and cross-chain bridge fees. This use case provides users with a convenient and efficient way to conduct transactions within the ecosystem.

  • Cash Back: XOX can be used to earn cash back and transaction fee shares in the gamified multi-chain referral program. This use case provides users with the opportunity to earn additional rewards by referring new users to the ecosystem

Marketing & User Acquisition Strategy

XOX Labs employs a comprehensive marketing and user acquisition strategy rooted in transparency, innovation, and community engagement. Central to this approach is the continuous enhancement of their DeFi and Web3 solutions, ensuring they remain competitive and appealing to users. They prioritize multichain integration to broaden their reach and facilitate cross-chain interoperability.

Education plays a crucial role, with the team investing in user-friendly tutorials and documentation to onboard new users effectively. By fostering an active and supportive community across various social media platforms, XOX Labs maintains open communication and provides opportunities for users to participate in governance.

Strategic partnerships with industry leaders further expand their ecosystem and reach new audiences. Incentivizing user engagement through staking and rewards programs, combined with targeted marketing efforts and feedback-driven iteration, forms a robust foundation for XOX Labs' global expansion aspirations.

Through transparency and clear communication, they establish trust and credibility, crucial for sustainable growth in the rapidly evolving blockchain space.


XOX Labs boasts a diverse and talented team comprising experienced professionals across various domains. Led by Livan G.M as Chief Executive Officer, the team includes Zayn as Chief Marketing Officer, Marcos as Chief Legal Officer, and a skilled group of designers, developers, and analysts. With a focus on innovation and excellence, this cohesive team collaborates to drive the company's success in delivering cutting-edge solutions to its clientele.

Investors & Partnerships


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Regulatory Considerations: Cryptocurrencies and Web3 projects are subject to various regulatory frameworks in different jurisdictions. Regulatory changes could impact the legality and functioning of projects. Ensure you understand the legal implications in your country or region.

Scams and Fraud: The cryptocurrency space has been associated with scams, fraudulent schemes, and phishing attacks. Be cautious of unsolicited offers, and always verify the authenticity of the information and individuals involved in a project.

Unpredictable Technology: Web3 projects use new and advanced tech that might not be fully checked. This could lead to problems and money loss.

Liquidity Risks: Tokens acquired through pre-sales or investments may not have an active secondary market initially, which could limit your ability to buy, sell, or trade them.

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