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GameFi Hub connecting gamers, investors, and projects with a cross-chain DEX, digital identity, and Decentralised LootBox platform.

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Agoradex (AGA)
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Introducing Agoradex

Introducing AgoraDEX, a cutting-edge platform at the forefront of GameFi innovation. Comprised of key components like the GameFi Hub, AgoraDEX, the Loot Box System, and Digital Identity services, AgoraDEX offers a seamless and engaging ecosystem for gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike. With AgoraDEX facilitating cross-chain token exchanges and the Loot Box System providing gamified launchpad experiences, users can expect exciting rewards and interactions. Powered by Ultra blockchain for Web3 gaming, AgoraDEX promises unparalleled gaming experiences while addressing common challenges like interoperability and asset management. AgoraDEX is poised to become a thriving hub for GameFi projects, fostering community-driven dynamics and empowering a dynamic gaming economy.


  • Secured leading partnerships with SwissBorg and Ultra & received a $100k grant from them!

  • Sold out two NFT collections with a total of over 2000 items in less than 24 hours, raising a total of $430k.

  • $530k raised with private investors from seed round!

  • Onboarded over 40 games and projects within the ecosystem.

  • Decentralized Lootbox System launched with 2 projects, Swissborg and Oxya Origin, already sold out!

  • Huge community consisting of 210,000 individuals across various socials!

Features & Products

  • GameFi Hub: Agora's GameFi Hub is a premier platform for launching Web3 games and GameFi projects, Ultra's fee-less transactions remove barriers to gameplay and player engagement, critical for GameFi projects reliant on frequent in-game actions. Ultra's scalability and distribution tools empower developers to manage and market games globally with ease, at half the cost of traditional distribution platforms. Developer tools simplify the integration of blockchain, allowing creators to focus on crafting compelling content. Overall, the GameFi Hub promises a seamless user experience, fostering mass adoption by lowering the entry barriers to blockchain gaming for both gamers and developers.

  • Decentralized Loot Box System - Gamified Launchpad: The Loot Box System by AgoraDEX revolutionizes fundraising for gaming projects, offering a gamified experience where users purchase mystery boxes (Loot Boxes) containing valuable prizes known as "Gems." These Gems can include tokens, in-game items, or lottery tickets granting access to a jackpot, funded by a portion of each sale. This innovative system provides an exciting investment opportunity for gamers and an effective funding method for developers, with Loot Boxes redeemable for as little as 20 USDC.

  • Cross-chain DEX: AgoraDEX is the core of the Agora ecosystem, designed to meet the needs of gamers, developers, and investors. It builds upon Uniswap V2's foundation, offering instant cross-chain token swaps for seamless transactions across blockchain networks. Through staking and liquidity pools, users can earn rewards while enhancing liquidity. This emphasis on community participation aligns with Agora's vision of a more interconnected and inclusive Web3 gaming ecosystem.

  • Liquidity Pools: Liquidity is crucial for AgoraDEX, enabling smooth token swaps. By visiting the Liquidity page, users can contribute to liquidity by staking tokens in any pair. In return, they receive a share of trading fees, typically in AGA rewards. When contributing, users commit equal value of both tokens in a pair, ensuring balance and stability.

  • Digital Identity: Agora ensures an unparalleled user experience by providing every user with a universal digital identity pass, enabling seamless authentication across various games. With Agora's digital identity, users can effortlessly log in to any game on the platform with just one click, transferring their gaming history, achievements, and collectible items seamlessly. This digital identity serves as the key to achieving full interoperability across games hosted on Agora, prioritizing smooth user experience, frictionless game-to-game migration, privacy, and security.

  • Governance: AgoraDEX's governance embodies a visionary commitment to decentralization in the gaming world. Through decentralized decision-making, Agora ensures longevity beyond its corporate origins, fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem driven by community collaboration and independence. Empowering users to shape the platform's evolution, AgoraDEX introduces direct democracy into gaming, promoting fairness, transparency, and stakeholder ownership. By showcasing the practical applications of Web3 technology and prioritizing user agency, AgoraDEX aims to create the ultimate gaming platform where gamers truly belong and contribute.


Revenue Streams

AgoraDex's business model revolves around three fee-based revenue streams: decentralized exchange (DEX) transactions, digital identity verification services, and the innovative Lootbox system. These streams ensure diverse income sources while providing users with valuable services in cryptocurrency trading, identity verification, and NFT engagement.

Tokenomics & Token Utilities

  • Token Ticker: $AGA

  • Token Standard: ERC-20

  • Network: Ethereum

  • Total Supply: 500,000,000

  • Fully Diluted Valuation: $40,000,000

  • Initial Market Cap Without Liquidity: $700,000

Finceptor's investors will participate in the Public Round and will have 25% of their tokens available at launch.

$AGA can be used by the community members in different ways to participate in the governance of the DAO as well as receiving a series of benefits:

  • Staking for Yield: Lock in your AGA tokens to get staking yield. Benefit from a share of the loot box revenues as a reward for your commitment.

  • Staking for Exclusivity: Obtain access to limited edition Loot Boxes with premium, rare collections not available to the average user.

  • Discount on Purchases: Enjoy exclusive discounts on Loot Box purchases, making each transaction more rewarding.

  • Buy-Back & Burn: The Agora team periodically uses a portion of its profits or treasury to purchase AGA tokens from the open market. After the buy-back, the acquired tokens are burned.

  • Governance Rights: Have a voice in the future of Agora.

  • Staking: By locking up (staking) your AGA tokens, you will earn a percentage of the protocol trading fees charged in all transactions that take place in the Agora DEX, as well as esAGA en veAGA .

  • Liquidity: By providing liquidity in Agora DEX protocol's pools, you will earn a percentage of the pool's trading fees, as well as esAGA (when applicable).

Marketing & User Acquisition Strategy

Agoradex's Go-To-Market strategy for its LootBox system is centered around targeting a diverse audience within the GameFi community, spanning from blockchain enthusiasts to NFT artists. They aim to provide accessible and rewarding opportunities aligned with their audience's interests and aspirations. The competitive analysis of platforms like RollBit and PancakeSwap informs their approach, highlighting strengths and limitations to refine their own strategy.

User acquisition is focused on providing an attractive risk-reward proposition with attractively priced lootboxes and a structured rarity system. The incorporation of NFT prizes and a variety of rarity levels ensures engagement while the use of blockchain technology ensures authenticity and fairness. By launching on the Binance Smart Chain, Agoradex aims to provide a seamless and cost-effective user experience, enhancing accessibility and profitability.

Their marketing strategy involves a phased approach, starting with instructional videos, AMAs, and Twitter Spaces events to build awareness and understanding of the LootBox concept. Giveaways leading up to the launch aim to generate excitement and reward the community. Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as monthly revenue, user engagement, and prize pool growth will be tracked to measure the success of the LootBox system and guide strategic decisions.

Overall, Agoradex's GTM, user acquisition, and marketing strategies are geared towards providing an engaging and rewarding experience for their target audience while ensuring scalability and continuous innovation in the dynamic GameFi landscape.


Investors & Partnerships


Before you consider participating in any investment opportunities on Finceptor, please take a moment to read and understand the following important information. Investing in cryptocurrencies, Web3 projects, and participating in token sales involve inherent risks you should be aware of.

Risk of Loss: Investing in cryptocurrencies and Web3 projects carries a significant risk of financial loss. Prices of tokens and cryptocurrencies can be extremely volatile and unpredictable. You could lose all or a substantial portion of your investment.

Research: You are responsible for conducting thorough research before participating in any investment opportunity. This includes understanding the project's purpose, technology, team, and market potential. Do not invest solely based on hype or promises.

Regulatory Considerations: Cryptocurrencies and Web3 projects are subject to various regulatory frameworks in different jurisdictions. Regulatory changes could impact the legality and functioning of projects. Ensure you understand the legal implications in your country or region.

Scams and Fraud: The cryptocurrency space has been associated with scams, fraudulent schemes, and phishing attacks. Be cautious of unsolicited offers, and always verify the authenticity of the information and individuals involved in a project.

Unpredictable Technology: Web3 projects use new and advanced tech that might not be fully checked. This could lead to problems and money loss.

Liquidity Risks: Tokens acquired through pre-sales or investments may not have an active secondary market initially, which could limit your ability to buy, sell, or trade them.

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This disclaimer is designed to inform potential investors about the risks and considerations associated with participating in the Finceptor investment platform. However, it is advised to consult legal experts to ensure the disclaimer is appropriate for your specific circumstances and legal requirements.

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Crypto and crypto assets transactions, including tokens, are very risky regarding potential losses, merchantability, technical failures, and legal and tax requirements. Indeed, the price of crypto assets can even become zero or be excessively volatile. By purchasing and holding or transacting in any way with the token, you agree and acknowledge that you undertake such risks on your own and shall consult your legal and tax consultants for compliance purposes.

We do not provide investment or financial advice, and all projects reviewed are done objectively in accordance with established reporting and information dissemination best practices. Before investing in any Web3-related project, you should conduct your research. As a result, Finceptor is not liable for any losses incurred due to a consumer's investment decision.

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