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Finceptor is a multi-chain liquidity and community growth platform for unlaunched and publicly-traded tokens through liquidity vaults and DeFi bonds.

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Soft Cap

100,000.00 USDT

Hard Cap

350,000.00 USDT



1 FINC = $0.04

Soft Cap

Hard Cap


350,000.00 USDT/350,000.00 USDT





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You need to connect your wallet to check pre-staking status

Pre-staking is a way to earn more FINC tokens by staking your FINC tokens starting from TGE for a period of a month. More details are available in this article about pre-staking.
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What is Finceptor?

Finceptor is a DeFi liquidity protocol with a launchpad plug-in, enabling unlaunched and publicly traded tokens to build protocol-owned liquidity – solving DeFi 1.0’s mercenary liquidity problem. Liquidity Mining, providing token incentives to retail liquidity providers (LP), is highly expensive, unsustainable, mercenary, and rented. DeFi needs better liquidity management. We’re building a suite of first-in-the-market liquidity products enabling projects to bootstrap and grow their protocol-owned liquidity – liquidity vaults and bonds. Moreover, we also have our own launchpad plug-in strategically placed to attract top Web3 projects and help them grow their liquidity.

  • Liquidity Vault is an on-chain initial liquidity bootstrapping tool to build protocol-owned liquidity for unlaunched tokens.
  • Bond is a structured protocol-owned liquidity growth and token liquidation tool for publicly traded tokens.
  • Launchpad for a strategic token launch and sales arm.


  • Backed by multi-billion dollar Telecom company Turk Telekom Ventures, Neohub, and Brinc VC
  • Mainnet live with $300k total volume financed on Avalanche and BNB Chain — $250k subscribed in under 120 hours and $50k subscribed in under 120 seconds (FCFS)
  • +6,200 active KYC-approved users in 3 months
  • +150,000 community in 3 months
  • +250 curated KOLs with 50M reach
  • +65 affiliate referral partners
  • 3 testnet launches with +10k unique testers and +100k transactions
  • Accelerated by ZK Advancer S-23, Brinc's Web3 accelerator
  • Accelerated and received financial support from Polygon Labs Hypernest DeFi
  • Incubated by Yapı Kredi, one of Turkey's largest private banks, in partnership with Ava Labs
  • Received financial and platform grants from Alchemy WAGBI, Microsoft for Startups, Google for Web3 Startups, BNB Chain Kickstart, and Startup with Chainlink
  • Audited by Peckshield

Liquidity Vaults

Liquidity Vaults (LVs) is an on-chain initial liquidity bootstrapping tool to build protocol-owned liquidity for unlaunched tokens.

Seeding and bootstrapping initial liquidity and community members are still some of the hardest problems of any Web3 initiative — Games, DeFi protocols, and DAOs. Tight liquidity disincentivizes DEX users to swap or provide liquidity to your tokens due to high slippage and IL risks, resulting in ever-collapsing markets.

To help pre-token stage Web3 projects access initial liquid markets and community members, we’re releasing our new DeFi liquidity and community bootstrapping tool, Liquidity Vaults (LV).

LV is a DeFi liquidity financing tool natively built for Web3 tokens to enable projects to sell future governance/utility tokens by SAFT at a discounted price to raise protocol-owned liquidity (PoL) and a community of real backers.


Bond is a structured protocol-owned liquidity bootstrapping and token liquidation tool for publicly traded tokens. It's a new way to raise capital and liquidity for publicly traded tokens — DAOs, DeFi protocols, and other Web3 initiatives — after initial token offerings.

Building Protocol-owned Liquidity: Bonds could be used as an alternative to Liquidity Mining to bootstrap protocol-governed liquidity.

Token liquidation/treasury building: Bonds could be used for liquidating protocol tokens in exchange for strategic assets and stablecoins, helping projects build their long-term treasury.

Multi-chain liquidity expansion: Projects expanding their tokens to other EVM-compatible chains could use bonds to generate chain-specific liquidity, enabling an easy way for tokens to be multi-chain.

Secondary DEX listings: Projects that want to list their publicly traded tokens on DEXes could use bonds to finance the liquidity needed to open liquidity pools in DEXes.

Secondary CEX listings: Projects could use bonds to generate financing for secondary CEX listings.

Tokens are auctioned off at a discounted price with vesting relative to the market in exchange for immediate cash flow.


Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) serve as token launch and financing tools for launch-stage Web3 projects, enabling them to issue tokens, conduct initial offerings, distribute tokens to communities, and create a secondary trading market.

Allocation Policy

Finceptor operates without boundaries, tier systems, or the race to be 'first-come-first-serve,' which often skews allocation distribution. It operates on one straightforward principle: The more $FINC you stake and the longer it remains staked, the bigger your allocation. This ensures that as long as you stake at least $1 worth of **[$FINC]** tokens, you're guaranteed an allocation in all our deals. Finceptor sets itself apart from other similar Web3 financing platforms with its unique allocation policy, which guarantees a level playing field for all investors, regardless of their size.


Please see the official roadmap of Finceptor in the whitepaper.


We're currently like-minded 11 people located across Turkey, Netherlands, Mexico, and Spain. Finceptor's founding team consists of entrepreneurs, blockchain strategists, data scientists, blockchain engineers, software developers, visual artists, and lawyers, involved in many Banking, Finance, DeFi & Web3 projects, including mobile payments systems, launchpads, investment research, GameFi, & DAO. Please see here for further information.


$FINC is a native utility token of Finceptor with a limited supply of 100M and 18 decimals.

Accessing to liquidity vaults, bonds, and launchpad: $FINC stakers have direct access to liquidity bootstrapping/growth, bond, and launchpad deals.

Earning $FINC yields/rewards: $FINC stakers earn auto-compounded or boosted $FINC yields/rewards via staking/farming activities.

Discounted fees: $FINC stakers will get discounted fees on the bonds.

Protocol-owned liquidity: FINC will be used to maintain the sustainability of liquidity through protocol-owned liquidity models.