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ZK Provable Data Privacy Solution for Decentralized Applications.

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Introducing NuLink

Incubated by Binance Labs, NuLink network is a decentralized solution for web3 privacy-preserving applications developers to implement best practices and best of breed security and privacy. The NuLink platform provides endpoint encryption and cryptographic access control. Sensitive user data can be securely shared from any user platform to cloud or decentralized storage, and access to that data is granted automatically by policy in Proxy Re-Encryption or Attribute-Based Encryption. To verify the data source, data users can utilize Zero-Knowledge Proof. Additionally, for advanced privacy-preserving use cases, NuLink utilizes Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) to provide customized enterprise-level data computation services.


  • Successful incentivized testnet with Coinlist. Horus 2.0 testnet attracted over 80,000 participants on Coinlist, with over 400,000 addresses and more than 5 million file interactions.

  • Binance Labs Season 4 incubated project.

  • NuLink currently is building the ZK Provable Data Privacy Solution for BNB Chain, Polkadot, Near, PlatON, Solana and will cooperate with more ecosystems.

  • Community over 380,000 individuals across various platforms!

  • Endorsed by well-known investment institutions such as Binance Labs, DWF, OIG, and others.

Features & Products

  • Data Availability: NuLink utilizes advanced cryptographic techniques such as Zero Knowledge Proof to ensure the availability of data in ciphertext form.

  • Privacy-preserving data sharing: The general method is to encrypt data and let the data owner control access to it. The technologies include decentralized encrypted storage, proxy re-encryption, identity-based encryption and attribute-based encryption, etc.

  • Privacy-preserving data computing: This involves the integration of certain privacy computing capabilities into smart contracts. The technologies used include multi-party secure computing, homomorphic encryption and so on.

  • NuLink Governance DAO: NuLink employs a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to govern various aspects of the project, including token distribution, network upgrades, and decision-making procedures. The NuLink DAO is democratically structured, with all NLK holders as members. Each member's voting power is proportional to their NLK, ensuring a fair and decentralized decision-making process.

  • NuLink Staking Dashboard: A user-friendly interface empowering stakers to efficiently manage staking activities. It allows them to stake token, bond node, monitor contributions, track rewards, and ensure the smooth operation of NuLink services.

  • NuLink Worker Node Installer: The NuLink Worker Node Installer simplifies the deployment of NuLink worker nodes.

  • NuLink Agent SDK: The NuLink Agent SDK equips developers with essential software development tools and resources. It empowers them to seamlessly integrate NuLink Agent functionality into their applications. This SDK enables secure and efficient communication between DApps and the NuLink network.

  • NuLink SDK: The NuLink SDK is a robust and comprehensive software development kit designed to provide developers with extensive capabilities. It facilitates flexible connections with the NuLink network, enabling advanced cryptographic operations and seamless interaction. Developers can leverage the NuLink SDK to unlock the full potential of the NuLink ecosystem, ensuring enhanced security and privacy for their applications.

  • NuLink Agent: NuLink Agent is a web-based digital wallet that facilitates seamless communication and interaction between the NuLink network and applications. It acts as an intermediary, relaying requests and responses between applications and the underlying layers of the NuLink network.

  • NuLink Snaps: NuLink Snaps serves as a decentralized end-to-end data management tool designed for Web3 Dapps, providing users with a unique perspective on data privacy and access control. Operating as a specialized iteration of MetaMask Snaps, NuLink Snaps leverages the private key stored in MetaMask to efficiently manage digital assets and privacy data. This bespoke solution grants Dapp users intricate control over the access rights to their private data. With NuLink Snaps' tailored features, users can confidently store and share their data while maintaining control, eliminating the need to delegate authority to Dapp Admins.

  • Demostration Dapp: The "File Transfer" Dapp serves as a third-party example, demonstrating the use of the NuLink Agent SDK to interact with the NuLink Agent. This showcase underscores the effortless integration and functionality made possible by the NuLink Application Layer, empowering developers to harness the capabilities of the NuLink network for secure file transfers and data sharing.


  • 2021 - Q1

  • Project Start: Initiate the NuLink project.

  • 2021 - Q4

  • Deliver NuLink Polkadot Pallet and Launch Polkadot Watcher Node:

  • Complete the development of the NuLink Polkadot pallet and deploy the

  • Polkadot watcher node.

  • 2022 - Q2

  • NuLink Core Library v.1 Release: Deploy Watch Network functionality.

  • Fully support Proxy Re-Encryption (PRE).

  • Release NuLink Agent Plugin and NuLink Data Sharing Frontend:Introduce

  • the NuLink Agent plugin and frontend for seamless data sharing.

  • 2022 - Q4

  • Launch NuLink's Testnet Horus1.0 in BNB Smart Chain: Release NuLink

  • worker node installer. Introduce NuLink staking Dapp. Deploy NuLink

  • Agent. Launch NuLink File Sharing Dapp.

  • 2023 - Q2

  • NuLink Core Library v.2 Release: Deploy the Storage Layer to support

  • additional decentralized storage solutions.

  • NuLink API Library Release: Release NuLink Agent. Launch NuLink SDK.

  • 2023 - Q4

  • Launch NuLink's Testnet Horus2.0: Introduce the NuLink Dashboard.

  • Release the NuLink Worker Node Package. Support the NuLink Token

  • Incentive Mechanism.

  • 2024 - Q1

  • Update NuLink's Testnet Horus2.0: Release NuLink Snaps. Launch NuLink

  • Web Agent. Deploy NuLink Ecosystem Dapps. Support Third-party Storage

  • Network. Implement Blockchain Interoperability Mechanism.

  • 2024 - Q2

  • NuLink Mainnet Launch: Transplant all modules from the testnet to the

  • mainnet. Activate On-chain Governance (DAO).

  • 2024 - Q4

  • Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) System Integration: Integrate the ZKP

  • system into the mainnet.

  • 2025 - Q4

  • Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) Integration: Integrate the FHE

  • algorithm into the mainnet.

Tokenomics & Token Utilities

  • Token Ticker: $NLK

  • Token Standard: ERC-20

  • Network: Ethereum

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

  • Fully Diluted Valuation: $100,000,000

  • Initial Market Cap Without Liquidity: -

  • Initial Market Cap: $6,000,000

Finceptor's investors will participate in the Public Round and will have 15% of their tokens available at launch.

In the NuLink network, $NLK tokens serve several primary functions, including:

  • Collateral: In the NuLink network, Providers such as Proxies, Watchers, Computing Providers, and Storage Providers are required to stake NLK tokens as collateral in order to offer their services and receive corresponding rewards. However, by doing so, they also assume the potential risk of having their staked NLK tokens slashed as a penalty for violating the protocol.‍

  • Benefits: In the NuLink network, Providers such as Proxies, Watchers, Computing Providers, and Storage Providers are incentivized to offer high-quality services by receiving staking benefits in the form of NLK tokens. By providing proper and reliable services, Providers can earn rewards in NLK tokens. ‍

  • Fees: In the NuLink network, NLK tokens are utilized as service fees for users who require secure data storage, secure data sharing, or secure data computing services. These users must pay the corresponding Providers using NLK tokens in exchange for access to the desired services.‍

  • Voting: NLK tokens play a critical role in the on-chain governance mechanism (DAO) of the NuLink network, specifically in the election and voting process. Holders of NLK tokens can cast their votes on proposals related to the network's development and operation. This use case emphasizes the importance of NLK tokens as a means of participating in the decision-making process of the NuLink network.

Investors & Partnerships


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