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R Games offers diverse gaming modes, creating a vast blockchain-based racing ecosystem.

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Introducing R Games

Introducing R Games, the world's first-ever Interoperable Blockchain Racing Game. With fully customizable interoperable NFTs, R Games offers an additional layer of user-generated content, integrating AI for automotive enthusiasts. Featuring a multi-vehicle racing experience, from Formula 1 cars to off-road trucks, R Games caters to every racer's preference, allowing for personalized racing encounters and heightened engagement. With captivating single-player and multiplayer modes, players can immerse themselves in thrilling racing adventures tailored to their liking. As players progress, they'll encounter diverse obstacles and challenges, ensuring an ever-refreshing gaming experience. R Games also boasts remarkable graphics, authentic hurdles, and interactive environments, making it the ultimate choice for an immersive and exhilarating racing experience. With its virtual garage feature, users can easily mint and customize NFTs to suit their individual preferences.


  • Fabwelt Studio's latest game release.
  • Backed by support from the Wemix ecosystem.
  • Collaborations established with leading players in the web3 industry.
  • Ready-to-launch alpha version of the game available.
  • Boasts a thriving community of over 165,000 members across diverse social media platforms.
  • Recently raised $500,000 from Oddiyana Ventures, FundLand Capital, Qu Ventures, Ferrum Network and Labs Group.


  • Demolishing Mode: Features vehicles categorized by performance. Players race through rough terrain, using power-ups for speed.
  • Street mode: Features races on bustling streets, offering a mix of PVE, PVP, and multiplayer challenges for players.
  • Formula R: A realistic and challenging racing experience, with rules and regulations inspired by real-life FormulaOne races. Players can purchase F1 vehicles from the marketplace or the initial NFT offering and participate in races to earn rewards.
  • Story Mode: In the game's story mode, players use armed vehicles to tackle challenges, including defeating rivals, dodging obstacles, and completing missions to unlock upgrades.
  • Types of Vehicles: Choose between 6 different types of vehicle NFTs including Sports Cars, Motorcycles, Formula Rs, Off-Road Trucks, Off-Road Buggies, and Weaponized Vehicles.
  • Virtual Garage: Create AI driven designs and dream garage filled with sports cars, off-road trucks, and more. Each vehicle with unique paint jobs, decals, and performance upgrades.
  • Black Market NFT Marketplace: A platform where players can buy, sell, and trade unique and rare virtual items, such as cars, skins, and other in-game items.
  • Unique Rental System: The NFT rental system offers customizable options, various rental durations, a rent-to-own option, insurance coverage, partnership programs, and incentives for players, providing both passive income for NFT owners and accessibility for players.


Revenue Streams

  • NFT Sales: The sale of in-game NFTs (such as vehicles, skins, and accessories) can generate revenue for the game. The unique attributes and rarity of the NFTs can increase their value and demand, allowing for the possibility of high sales.
  • In-game Advertising: The game can also generate revenue through in-game advertising. Sponsored events, advertisements displayed during game loading screens, and other forms of in-game advertising can generate revenue.
  • Commission on Trades: The game can earn a commission on all trades that take place on the in-game marketplace, providing a constant source of revenue.
  • In-game Purchases: Players can also make in-game purchases such as premium upgrades, special abilities, and other enhancements, generating additional revenue for the game.
  • Virtual Garage: Fees collected from virtual garage mechanics.

Tokenomics & Token Utilities

  • Token Ticker: $RGAME
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Network: BNB Chain
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Fully Diluted Valuation: $7,500,000
  • Initial Market Cap Without Liquidity: $296,250
  • Initial Market Cap: $795,000

Finceptor's investors will participate in the Public Round and Private Round. Public Round participants will have 20% of their tokens available at launch. Private Round participants will have a 14% discount to the Public round and will have 10% of their tokens available at launch.

Public Round Vesting Schedule: 20% released at the TGE, followed by 4 months of monthly linear vesting.

Private Round Vesting Schedule: 10% released at the TGE, followed by 1-month cliff and 4 months of monthly linear vesting.

$RGAME plays a crucial role within the RGames' ecosystem, offering diverse functionalities:

  • Staking for governance
  • Staking for rewards
  • Registration for tournaments
  • Garage minting fee
  • Subscription fee
  • NFT Sales through $RGAME token
  • Buyback & Burn program

Marketing & User Acquisition Strategy

R Games' go-to-market strategy encompasses various key elements to ensure success in the gaming industry. Firstly, it focuses on establishing a strong correlation between the demand from gamers and the supply from designers, ensuring that the gaming experience meets users' expectations. Secondly, partnerships with gaming studios, launchers, gaming blockchains, and listing platforms enhance visibility and accessibility.

Additionally, collaboration with gaming guilds and live streaming platforms amplifies engagement and community interaction. Leveraging SEO, branding, email marketing, community contests, blogs, and PR efforts further boosts brand awareness and user acquisition.

Finally, participation in both online and offline automotive events expands R Games' reach and establishes its presence among automotive enthusiasts.



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