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Script Network is a layer 1 open source live tv platform, protocol and storage network.

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Introducing Script Network

Script Network seeks to democratize and decentralize television, advocating for free access to premium broadcast TV and rewarding users for their viewership through a gamified experience. Through content governance, users have the opportunity to influence the selection of broadcasted content.

Script TV operates as a decentralized video delivery network, presenting a comprehensive solution to challenges faced by traditional video-streaming services. This platform not only delivers high-quality video streaming but also introduces innovative incentive mechanisms for decentralized bandwidth and content sharing, all at a reduced cost compared to conventional providers. Users actively participate by volunteering spare bandwidth and computing resources to relay video content, earning token rewards for their contributions. This sharing economy model enables Script Network to reduce video delivery costs, enhance viewer engagement, and drive incremental revenues for integrated video platforms.

At the core of Script Network is the Script Blockchain, purpose-built for video and data relaying. Its unique multi-BFT consensus design involves committee Validator Nodes and a second layer of community-run Validator Nodes, ensuring the reliability and security of the network.


  • Successful development of video delivery network.
  • Accumulated a user base exceeding 165k since the beta launch.
  • Established over 170k wallets on the Script Blockchain testnet, processing millions of transactions.
  • Achieved a weekly viewership of more than 1.5 million minutes.
  • Formed partnerships with 15+ global studios for licensing.
  • Secured advertising agreements with prominent brands such as McDonald's, Mercedes, etc.
  • Distinguished as the sole blockchain streaming platform featuring tier 1 licensed ads.
  • Cultivated a community presence of over 400k across various social media platforms.

Core Products

Script TV - Script TV is a watch-to-earn platform that uses an upgradeable NFT mechanism that users can upgrade and re-charge to enhance their earnings. Users can watch multiple different channels, 24/7/365, for free and get rewarded for it. The process is easy; visit Script.TV, sign up, mint your initial ScriptGLASS NFT, complete the captcha, and engage with the ecosystem for daily rewards.

Script Blockchain - The Script blockchain is purposefully designed to efficiently manage videos and handle the transmission of substantial data packets. Tailored for scalability, it facilitates user interactions across various sections of the chain. Additionally, the Script virtual machine seamlessly integrates with the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), simplifying the incorporation of internet-based video products and services into the Script platform. As an L1 network, Script Blockchain caters to filmmakers, studios, and entities owning or seeking to engage with content. Validators have the option to operate a lightning node, contributing to the security and scalability of the Script Network and earning rewards per block. Alternatively, running a Script Edge node allows individuals to receive rewards for transcoding jobs on-chain.

ScriptGLASS NFTs - ScriptGLASS, the integrated NFT collection in ScriptTV's watch-to-earn protocol, enhances daily earning potential. Equipping at least one ScriptGLASS NFT is necessary for daily participation, with each uniquely designed NFT having varying rarities affecting user earnings. Users can recharge, upgrade, purchase gems for multipliers and raffle entries, and access loot boxes at advanced levels. For a seamless experience, the initial ScriptGLASS mint is free, requiring users to accumulate 1,000 points to start earning rewards.

dStorage - dStorage serves as an enterprise solution, allowing clients and entities engaged in content storage, transcoding, or broadcasting to achieve these tasks at a considerably reduced cost. Script Network aims to fully decentralize this process, providing companies with cost savings on a significant aspect of the media industry.

Marketplace -- Native marketplace for buying, selling and renting ScriptGLASS.

sADs -- The video advertising layer built on Script Blockchain.


  • Decentralized Video Delivery Network: Script Network operates as a decentralized platform for video delivery, ensuring increased efficiency and reliability.
  • Script TV Watch-to-Earn Protocol: Script TV introduces a unique watch-to-earn protocol, rewarding users for watching content and participating in the ecosystem.
  • ScriptGLASS NFT Collection: The integrated NFT collection in ScriptTV, ScriptGLASS, enhances the watch-to-earn experience, with each NFT having unique designs and rarities influencing user earnings.
  • dStorage Enterprise Solution: dStorage offers a cost-effective enterprise solution for storage, transcoding, and content airing, contributing to significant savings for clients and entities.
  • Script Blockchain: The purpose-built Script Blockchain, with its multi-BFT consensus design, supports smart contracts, enablisADsng diverse user experiences and attribution models within the Script network.
  • GameFi Elements: Users can enhance their experience through unique GameFi elements both on and off-chain, adding gamification features to the platform.
  • Content Governance: Users and holders have the power to influence and make decisions on the content broadcasted, fostering a community-driven approach.
  • Scalability and Compatibility: The Script blockchain is specifically designed for scalability, accommodating a large number of users interacting with various aspects of the network. It is also compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), facilitating integration with existing internet-based video products and services.
  • Reduced Content Storage Costs: Through the dStorage solution, Script Network aims to decentralize the content storage process, significantly reducing costs for companies operating in the media industry.
  • Community Incentives: The platform incentivizes community participation through various rounds, token allocations, and airdrops, fostering a vibrant and engaged user base.
  • Global Reach: With a growing community, partnerships with global studios, and a focus on international markets, Script Network aims for widespread adoption and impact.


The roadmap of Script Network highlights its commitment to growth through a phased development strategy. The plan prioritizes the advancement of video storage technology, community engagement, and long-term expansion into traditional video areas. The outlined long-term objectives underscore the team's enduring passion and forward-looking approach.

Script Network's development unfolds in three phases, emphasizing market awareness, ad software deployment, channel scaling, and international partnerships. The roadmap concludes with a commitment to significant user growth, a mobile app, mass adoption, and the establishment of Script Studios -- an original film and TV content production studio.

Revenue Streams

Script Network's business model is crafted to generate income through multiple channels in its decentralized video showcasing and advertising ecosystem. These revenue streams include:

  • Video Advertising: Main revenue source from decentralized video advertising.
  • NFT Marketplace Fee: Income through trading fees on the NFT marketplace.
  • L1 Transaction Fees: Revenue from Layer 1 transaction fees.
  • Custom Advertising: Income from customized advertising services.
  • Decentralized Video Storage: Revenue from enterprise clients using decentralized storage.
  • Video Delivery Network: Monthly fees from enterprise customers.
  • White Label TV Platform: Income from developing white-label TV platforms.
  • Licensed Content Creation: Original content will act as another revenue stream.
  • Partnerships: Income from collaborations and partnerships.

Tokenomics & Token Utilities

  • Token name: SCPT
  • Token Ticker: $SCPT
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Network: BNB Smart Chain
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Fully Diluted Valuation: $10.000.000
  • Initial Marketcap Without Liquidity: $919.600

Finceptor's investors will participate in the Public Round and will have 100% of their tokens available at launch.

Public Round cliff/vest schedule: 100% released at the Token Generation Event.

$SCPT plays a crucial role within the Script Network Ecosystem, offering diverse functionalities:

  • Ecosystem Governance: $SCPT serves as the governance token, enabling holders to participate in decision-making processes related to the Script Network ecosystem.
  • Validator and Lightning Nodes Staking: Validators can stake $SCPT to operate Lightning Nodes, contributing to network security and scalability, and earning rewards per block.
  • Content Governance: $SCPT plays a role in content governance, allowing users to have a say in what content is broadcasted on the platform.
  • sADs: Payment token for all video ads purchased by brands, entities and projects in web2 or web3.

As a result of these utilities, the $SCPT tokens are anticipated to flow within the Script Network ecosystem, generating demand and reducing overall sell pressure.

Marketing & User Acquisition Strategy

Script Network adopts a multifaceted approach to elevate its presence and foster community engagement. The quarterly Buy-Back-and-Burn initiative underscores the commitment to token value, ensuring transparency in revenue and burn rates shared with the community. Leveraging the expansive reach of CoinTelegraph's accelerator, Script Network strategically engages a vast audience of over 25 million monthly viewers through AMAs, advertisements, and publications. Collaborations with 50+ partners and 325 KOLs amplify integration, connecting diverse audiences to Script Network through APIs, giveaways, and promotional events.

The user-centric strategy extends with a Referral Program featuring leaderboards based on watch time and monthly referrals, providing participants with cash and token incentives. Capitalizing on an extensive network of social media accounts with over 400k followers, Script Network ensures broad visibility. The Go-to-Market strategy embraces traditional and web3 means, including KOL collaborations, referral campaigns, online/offline advertising, and strategic partnerships. Focusing on the film and content creator spaces, Script Network aims for a jargon-free user experience, making the advanced blockchain technology of Script.TV intuitive for the average user. Engaging influencers, holding regular community activities, and leveraging various social platforms further solidify Script Network's position in the dynamic blockchain-based video streaming ecosystem.


Abiel Alazar, Co-Founder: With nearly 15 years in IT and telecom, Abiel worked at major Scandinavian firms and led consulting for 'Big Four' banks. He transitioned to focus on customer development in Blockchain, bringing vast operational experience with brands like Apple and Cisco.

Akeem Ojuko, Co-Founder: A serial entrepreneur with a decade in content, media, and crypto/blockchain technology. Co-owned a sports content company, generating revenues exceeding $5 million and $10 million in his last two start-ups.

Roomani Bajaj, CTO: A hands-on ex-Oracle technology leader with 20+ years of experience, Roomani delivered complex Java frameworks for tier 1 technology companies, leading teams across 20+ projects and contributing to growing a tech company to over $15 million in annual revenue.

The 17-member Script Network team, led by a core group with a decade-plus experience in media and finance, has spent over two years building with 140,000+ lines of code. This diverse team is equipped to handle long-term marketing, development, and network growth. The team possesses extensive experience in consulting, working for, or executing campaigns for some of the world's largest media and technology companies, including notable names such as Nike, Spotify, EA, Sony, Adidas, Paypal, and HBO. This collective expertise underscores the team's seasoned background and proficiency in navigating the dynamic landscape of media and technology.

Investors & Partnerships

Script Network has cultivated more than 60 strategic partnerships with industry leaders in both the web2 and web3 ecosystem. For Instance, they have advertising publishing agreements with Mercedes and McDonald's and partnerships with over 10 global studios. Noteworthy early investors include Gate Labs, Panony, JinLin Capital, and Kenzo Ventures. These collaborations and investments underscore the network's commitment to establishing key relationships within the industry.


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