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Stabble is a first frictionless exchange protocol on Solana.

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Introducing Stabble

Stabble emerges as a pioneer in frictionless exchange protocols, revolutionizing the DeFi landscape by virtually eliminating financial losses for all users. This cutting-edge DeFi protocol strategically tackles prevalent issues within existing ecosystems, specifically targeting impermanent loss risks, amplifying liquidity provider returns, and minimizing price impacts for traders with its smart liquidity routing, smart liquidity arbitrage, margin liquidity and smart order execution features. Stabble distinguishes itself by implementing innovative features and introducing a unique token design to deliver a seamless and rewarding DeFi experience. Notably, the protocol's groundbreaking approach includes a combination of internal and external arbitrage strategies, ensuring a nearly zero impermanent loss and providing a frictionless swap experience. With its native token, $STB, users enjoy staking incentives, governance privileges, and the conversion of locked tokens into veSTB tokens with APY multipliers, further fostering long-term engagement in the protocol.


  • Partnerships with top names in Web3 such as Poolz, RedKite and MagicSquare.
  • $20,303,353 total value locked.
  • Average 24h volume of $21,211,204.
  • All-time volume of $321,122,423.
  • A vast community consisting of over 90,000 individuals across various platforms.
  • 209,300 website visits recorded in December alone.

Features & Products

  • Smart Order Execution: Orders with a price impact above 0.2% will be split and executed as fractional orders. These fractional orders give Stabble's smart liquidity routing and arbitrage mechanisms the chance to recalibrate the pools, ensuring improved pricing and liquidity after each fractional order.
  • CEX-like Perpetual DEX: Traders can seamlessly perform basic swaps, initiate leveraged long or short positions, and set limit orders with CEX-like user experience. With Stabble's perpetual variant, users benefit from a classic trading interface complemented by live charts.
  • Smart Liquidity Routing: Users can deposit just one asset to provide liquidity to various pools, with the protocol handling the auto-rebalancing of liquidity. This method not only streamlines liquidity distribution but also diminishes the risks of impermanent loss and enhances APY.
  • Margin Liquidity: Liquidity providers and Stabble's smart liquidity routing pools leverage liquidity through money markets, boosting capital efficiency by 8,000 times compared to concentrated liquidity.
  • Smart Liquidity Arbitrage: The internal arbitrage strategy of Stabble's protocol will sideline external arbitrage traders, generating extra revenue that benefits Stabble's liquidity providers. This approach also bolsters price stability, reducing the price impact.
  • Stabby, the AI Chatbot: A chatbot with internet access integration for Stabble FAQs, token and pool recommendations, and conditional trading automatization.


Stabble embodies an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement within the DeFi space. The team's dedication is evident as they consistently refine and expand the protocol, providing users with a cutting-edge experience in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape. With a steadfast vision for the future, Stabble aims to revolutionize DeFi through the implementation of perpetual decentralized exchange features, marking a significant long-term goal. This strategic approach ensures that Stabble not only meets current user needs but also paves the way for a seamless and centralized exchange-like trading experience on the Solana network.

Revenue Streams

  • Transaction Fees: Pools on Stabble earn fees ranging from 0.1% to 2.5% per trade, constituting a primary revenue stream tied to the platform's transactional activity.
  • Reserve and Liquidity Allocation: Stabble strategically allocates approximately 36% of tokens to reserves and 12% to liquidity. These reserve tokens can be staked in staking pools, allowing the protocol to earn income.
  • Position Execution & Borrowing Fee: To open or close a position on spot markets, the protocol charges 0.10% and the borrowing fee per hour is 0.01%.
  • Projected Annual Revenue: Stabble's revenue projections are tied to the daily average trade volume, with an expected annual income ranging from 3.2% to 10.7%.

By leveraging these diverse revenue streams, Stabble adopts a comprehensive and sustainable revenue model. Transaction fees, staking-related income, and a forward-looking approach to trade volume growth collectively contribute to the financial resilience and success of the protocol within the DeFi landscape.

Tokenomics & Token Utilities

  • Token name: Stabble Token
  • Token Ticker: $STB
  • Token Standard: SPL
  • Network: Solana Blockchain
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000
  • Fully Diluted Valuation: $15,000,000
  • Initial Market Cap Without Liquidity and Staking: $382,500
  • Initial Market Cap: $1,057,500

Finceptor's investors will participate in the Public Sale Round and will have 30% of their tokens available at launch.

Public Sale Round cliff/vest schedule: 30% TGE Unlock, followed by 3 months daily linear vesting.

Stabble's native token, $STB, serves as a versatile utility within the ecosystem, offering various benefits and functionalities to users. The key token utilities include:

  • Staking Rewards: Users can stake $STB to earn staking rewards. 14% of all fees will be distributed towards the $STB staking pool. This incentivizes token holders to actively participate in the protocol, contributing to its stability and security.
  • Governance Functions: $STB holders have governance rights, allowing them to participate in decision-making processes. This includes voting on protocol upgrades, changes, and other governance proposals, giving the community a say in the evolution of Stabble.
  • veSTB Tokens: Users can convert locked tokens into veSTB tokens, which come with APY multipliers up to 4.32% and trading discounts. This provides additional incentives for long-term token holding, reducing sell pressure and fostering a more stable token ecosystem.
  • Fee Discounts: Token holders may enjoy fee discounts within the Stabble ecosystem. This encourages users to hold and utilize $STB for transactions, creating a demand for the token and contributing to its overall value.

By integrating these utility features, Stabble aims to create a holistic and engaging ecosystem, aligning the interests of token holders with the success and stability of the protocol.

Marketing & User Acquisition Strategy

Stabble's comprehensive go-to-market and user acquisition strategy revolves around multiple pillars, ensuring a robust entry into the DeFi space:

  • Traditional Marketing: Collaborations with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), paid advertisements, and public relations efforts amplify Stabble's visibility through conventional marketing channels.
  • Third-Party Swap Integration: Stabble enhances user experience by integrating third-party swap functions like Jupiter Aggregator, providing a seamless decentralized exchange for users.
  • Project Acquisition Strategy: Stabble's approach to project acquisition for token listings contributes to expanding its community, bringing in new users, liquidity, and trading volume.
  • Strategic Collaborations: The protocol strategically forges partnerships with renowned launchpads such as PoolzFinance, Solanium, Finceptor and others, alongside key collaborations with industry players like MEXC, Gate, Moonrock Capital, and Consola Finance. These partnerships enhance visibility, facilitate token launches, and attract users from partner ecosystems.
  • Innovative Features: Stabble distinguishes itself through innovative features like smart liquidity routing and perpetual DEX functionality.
  • Community-Centric Approach & Tokenomics: The protocol places a strong emphasis on community involvement and governance, utilizing $STB and veSTB tokens to implement incentives, rewards, governance proposals, staking rewards, fee discounts and APY multilpiers. This not only encourages active participation but also cultivates a sense of ownership among users, contributing to the overall sustainability and success of the Stabble ecosystem.
  • Educational Initiatives: Acknowledging the complexities of DeFi, Stabble invests in educational initiatives, including webinars, tutorials, and informative content to empower users.
  • Cross-Chain Integration: Stabble strategically deploys on Solana and explores cross-chain integration, tapping into diverse blockchain communities and broadening its user base


The Stabble team, which consists of 4 developers, 1 mathematician, 2 business developers, and 1 community manager, comprises seasoned and accomplished individuals with diverse expertise, driving the project's success and innovation.

Kilian, the CEO, brings extensive experience in both traditional and decentralized finance, having successfully exited at the Stuttgart Stock Exchange and advised over 15 crypto projects. Additionally, Kilian's proven track record in advising crypto projects and co-creating an IDO launchpad with a $35 million token valuation underscores his expertise.

Keisuke, the CTO, leverages eight years of software development experience with a B.Sc in Software Engineering. Keisuke's role as the former Lead Developer at Marinade Finance which reached to $1.8m TVL and CTO of OneRing Finance highlights his proficiency in managing complex decentralized financial platforms.

Khang, Head of Sei Development, contributes crucial expertise in smart contract development, gained from roles at ActiList and Fairblock.

Holmes, the Full-stack Developer, has a rich background in web3 development and full-stack engineering, with experience at OneRing Finance and Parasol Finance.

Lennart, Head of Protocol Efficiency, holds a Ph.D. in Finance, specializing in Behavioral Finance and DeFi Efficiency, making him a key asset for revolutionizing DeFi at Stabble.

As advisors; Stendhal's role at Raydium and Moonrock Capital's track record in incubating and advising top-tier projects contribute invaluable perspectives and strategic support to the Stabble team.

Investors & Partnerships

Stabble has garnered strong support from reputable investors and forged strategic partnerships, underscoring the project's credibility and potential. Notably, Moonrock Capital, a distinguished crypto-native advisory and investment firm, has been instrumental in providing guidance and support to Stabble. Other investors include DuckDAO, vt3 Ventures, ZEMU VC, DragonDAO, Absoluta Digital and AngelBlock.

The collaboration extends to launchpads like PoolzFinance, Solanium, TrustSwap, Finceptor, Eclipse Fi, and partnerships with MEXC, Gate, Moonrock Capital, and Consola Finance. These partnerships contribute to Stabble's visibility and market presence, while institutional partnerships.

A closed $6 million 24-hour volume deal with trading firms, showcase the protocol's appeal to the broader crypto ecosystem.


Before you consider participating in any investment opportunities on Finceptor, please take a moment to read and understand the following important information. Investing in cryptocurrencies, Web3 projects, and participating in token sales involve inherent risks you should be aware of.

Risk of Loss: Investing in cryptocurrencies and Web3 projects carries a significant risk of financial loss. Prices of tokens and cryptocurrencies can be extremely volatile and unpredictable. You could lose all or a substantial portion of your investment.

Research: You are responsible for conducting thorough research before participating in any investment opportunity. This includes understanding the project's purpose, technology, team, and market potential. Do not invest solely based on hype or promises.

Regulatory Considerations: Cryptocurrencies and Web3 projects are subject to various regulatory frameworks in different jurisdictions. Regulatory changes could impact the legality and functioning of projects. Ensure you understand the legal implications in your country or region.

Scams and Fraud: The cryptocurrency space has been associated with scams, fraudulent schemes, and phishing attacks. Be cautious of unsolicited offers, and always verify the authenticity of the information and individuals involved in a project.

Unpredictable Technology: Web3 projects use new and advanced tech that might not be fully checked. This could lead to problems and money loss.

Liquidity Risks: Tokens acquired through pre-sales or investments may not have an active secondary market initially, which could limit your ability to buy, sell, or trade them.

Financial Advice: The information provided on our platform, including whitepapers, project details, and investment recommendations, should not be considered financial advice. You should consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

You acknowledge and accept these risks by accessing and using Finceptor's investment platform. You agree to conduct due diligence and make investment decisions based on your own judgment. Finceptor does not assume any responsibility for your investment choices or the outcomes thereof.

Please remember that investing in cryptocurrencies and Web3 projects can be speculative and involves high risk. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

This disclaimer is designed to inform potential investors about the risks and considerations associated with participating in the Finceptor investment platform. However, it is advised to consult legal experts to ensure the disclaimer is appropriate for your specific circumstances and legal requirements.

Purchasing, holding, and transacting in any way with tokens shall not warrant, commit nor guarantee any revenue, profit, or value appreciation. Purchasing tokens shall not be construed as an investment. Token merely offers utilities and features within the project's ecosystem and platforms. Finceptor reserves its right to amend and modify the utilities and features offered by the project.

Crypto and crypto assets transactions, including tokens, are very risky regarding potential losses, merchantability, technical failures, and legal and tax requirements. Indeed, the price of crypto assets can even become zero or be excessively volatile. By purchasing and holding or transacting in any way with the token, you agree and acknowledge that you undertake such risks on your own and shall consult your legal and tax consultants for compliance purposes.

We do not provide investment or financial advice, and all projects reviewed are done objectively in accordance with established reporting and information dissemination best practices. Before investing in any Web3-related project, you should conduct your research. As a result, Finceptor is not liable for any losses incurred due to a consumer's investment decision.

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