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Virtual Versions is a decentralized ID protocol enabling users to own their social identity with an interoperable AI twin.

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What is Virtual Versions?

VV is the first social media platform to use 3D biometrically backed AI avatars to enhance your online experience. Our advanced in-house avatar creation technology allows you to create a Virtual Version of yourself, a unique digital identity that is fully customizable and interoperable to your preferences.

Our platform also offers the ability to interact with other users' avatars in a variety of ways, from virtual events, animated social posts, and games to creative collaborations. With our In-App NFT marketplace, we bring endless creativity and expression to our community. We make it easy to plug and play into your favourite experiences seamlessly from a single point of access.

We believe that your digital identity should be fully owned and controlled by you, which is why we have designed our platform to be completely decentralized. Your avatar and personal data are yours alone, and you can choose to share them with others on your terms, as well as monetize your data.

What makes Virtual Versions unique?

  • Comprehensive Ecosystem - Unlike our competitors, who solely offer avatar plugins, our platform goes beyond that by providing a comprehensive, ready-to-use ecosystem with instant utility.
  • Major Brand Partnerships - We are proud to have 40+ major global brands already partnered with us, further solidifying our position in the market.
  • Web2 & Web3 Bridge - Our unique selling point lies in bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 through our vast ecosystem, while also ensuring effortless avatar creation acting as the central hub for your digital identity.
  • Hyper-Realistic Avatars - Setting new standards in realism, our avatars are crafted from mobile phones, achieving hyper-realistic results.
  • Freemium Model - Distinguished from other platforms, our revenue model is not solely reliant on avatar creation. This flexibility enables us to onboard a significantly larger user base by offering a freemium model.
  • Innovative Revenue Strategy - Our revenue generation strategy is both innovative and successful, generating tangible income through established business models such as user engagement and distribution (B2B) as well as transaction fees (B2C).

Road Map

Road Map

Revenue Streams

First 18 months focus:

  • Membership Subscriptions
  • B2B Avatar SDK Kit Licensing
  • Self-Serv Ad Revenue
  • In-App Monetization
  • Virtual Experiences
  • Wearable & Game assets
  • Brand collaborations



Virtual Versions - AI Generative Avatar Infrastructure for Web2, Web3, VR, and AR apps, creating customizable 3D avatars in 22 seconds from a single image.

VV Social - An app where users create content with 3D avatars, monetize data, and build a unique digital ID. Aiming for high impact growth like TikTok (160M new users P/M).

Unus Labs - Web3 hold-co studio redefining the digital landscape. Collaboration with 30+ Multi-Billion RR top brands and VFX studios contracted to Disney. Creating mini-games, brand experiences all powered by our avatar technology.

Marketing Strategy

With a robust foundation of 91,000 registered users and a staggering brand reach of over 9 billion video views per month, we are poised to leverage a marketing strategy akin to TikTok's sharability and virality model. Our approach involves partnering with a vast network of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and influencers during the initial phase of launch, followed by collaborations with an extensive lineup of celebrities and YouTube groups boasting a combined monthly view count of 15 billion. This multi-pronged strategy sets in motion a powerful snowball effect, allowing us to rapidly expand and thrive by harnessing the shareability of our content, akin to the success of TikTok's exponential growth. What technologies Virtual Versions created and used?


Our project boasts an exceptional and tailor-made avatar creation technology, uniquely powered by a diverse range of cutting-edge 3D engines, Machine Learning (ML), and reactive Artificial Intelligence (AI) frameworks. This sophisticated combination of technologies forms the backbone of our platform, enabling us to deliver unparalleled 3D avatars that embody lifelike realism and seamless interactivity.

Token Utilities

The utility of our token at Virtual Versions is an integral part of our comprehensive digital identity solution. By leveraging our token, users gain access to a range of powerful features and capabilities within our platform.

Ownership, control, and monetization - The token empowers users to truly own, control, and monetize their digital identity securely and ethically within the Virtual Versions platform.

Collaboration and integration - As the demand for the platform grows, the utility of the token extends beyond Virtual Versions, creating opportunities for collaboration and integration with other decentralized applications in the digital identity ecosystem.

Exclusive benefits - Token holders enjoy exclusive benefits such as priority access to new features, early access to limited edition avatars, and participation in platform governance decisions.

Medium of exchange - The token facilitates seamless transactions for purchasing and selling digital assets, including 3D generative AI avatars and exclusive content.

Incentivization - The token incentivizes users to actively engage in the platform's social feed, promoting a vibrant and interactive community.

By embracing the utility of the token, users can unlock a world of possibilities within Virtual Versions and actively participate in shaping their digital identity experience.

Building Circular

Our token is strategically designed to circulate within our ecosystem, incentivizing users to spend more time and reducing sell pressure. Instead of depositing real dollars, we aim to monetize users' data on their behalf, providing them with a balance in $VV. This approach removes emotional attachment and encourages users to spend by reciprocating first and prioritizing individual value.

Through these mechanisms, our token circulates across various platforms such as My VV, VVsocial, Unus World, and our brand experiences. This circulation dramatically boosts engagement while simultaneously reducing overall sell pressure.

Team & Partners


  • Harrison Gwinnett - Founder & CEO - Second time founder - Exited his first data focused business for $15M aged just 22. The Forbes featured serial entrepreneur scaled the previous business, to a total 1.2M MAU after 3 years and is ready to do it again.
  • Archie Baker - Co-Founder & CCO - Collaborated with major brands like Adidas, Gymshark, Stella McCartney, Reebok, Sidemen, House Of CB & more.
  • Tom Paul - Co-Founder & COO - A Web3 expert with a wealth of knowledge, learning, research, and hands-on experience.


  • The Hut Group - A global digital innovator revolutionizing how brands connect to a worldwide consumer base.
  • Kaizen Finance - Kaizen is a Token Lifecycle Management cross-chain platform for both projects and investors, bringing its expertise in high-level security patents to ensure the safety and sustainability of tokens, bolstering confidence in the virtual ecosystem.
  • Oceidon Labs - Oceidon will help deconstruct and simplify Blockchain solutions so your business can thrive.
  • CertiK - A pioneer in blockchain security, utilizing best-in-class Formal Verification and AI technology to secure and monitor blockchains, smart contracts, and Web3 apps.
  • - Space is a commerce virtual world that enables the creators of tomorrow to build and dream together.
  • Chaterium - A blockchain-based ecosystem that rewards users for active participation in special partnered chats in Telegram or Discord.
  • Houdini Swap - Offers anonymous and secure blockchain transactions, ensuring privacy and trust within the virtual landscape.
  • BuildItM's - By bridging the gap between traditional gaming and the blockchain space, empowering users with high-quality gaming opportunities, and supporting innovative projects in the industry.
  • Estate X - Leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology, EstateX is set to revolutionize the real estate landscape by democratizing property investment.
  • Appetite LDN - Party starters based in London, with a serious Appetite for underground music. Serving as a valuable virtual concert partner, bringing live performances and entertainment to the virtual realm.
  • Thraive AI - Thraive is your well-being hub, leveraging generative AI to empower your mental fitness with courage, confidence, and creativity.
  • Victory Point - Victory Point is a Free-to-Play (F2P), Play-and-Earn (PnE), Multiplayer shooter game built on Unreal Engine and is set to launch on both mobile and PC.
  • Mera Metaverse - Reinventing ownership of LAND in metaverses, with their secure, smart, and easy-to-use platform. This will completely disrupt the way people are holding LAND. As well as earning yields from renting or building on this LAND.
  • Atelier R&R - collaborates to develop wearable collections that blend physical and digital collectibles, creating unparalleled fashion opportunities for customers.
  • Studio B - merging creativity and data-driven decisions to deliver world-class, digital-first content that captivates audiences, whilst staying native to social platforms.
  • Addleshaw Goddard - From the work we do to the culture we foster and the partnerships we form, every last part of Addleshaw Goddard is driven by three core values: quality, imagination, and impact.
  • Konekt Group - Contributing to the growth and success of their digital ventures, driving innovation and efficiency.
  • Sociate AI - Providing an advanced AI chatbot system for brands, integrating seamlessly with avatars as operators, enhancing customer interactions and support.
  • Soho Film House - London’s most vibrant producer of new theatre, comedy and cabaret.
  •'s - A lifestyle app that allows you to stay in shape and earn at the same time. Walk or jog in exclusive NFT sneakers inspired by your favorite bloggers and influencers.


Before you consider participating in any investment opportunities on Finceptor, please take a moment to read and understand the following important information. Investing in cryptocurrencies, Web3 projects, and participating in token sales involve inherent risks you should be aware of.

Risk of Loss: Investing in cryptocurrencies and Web3 projects carries a significant risk of financial loss. Prices of tokens and cryptocurrencies can be extremely volatile and unpredictable. You could lose all or a substantial portion of your investment.

Research: You are responsible for conducting thorough research before participating in any investment opportunity. This includes understanding the project's purpose, technology, team, and market potential. Do not invest solely based on hype or promises.

Regulatory Considerations: Cryptocurrencies and Web3 projects are subject to various regulatory frameworks in different jurisdictions. Regulatory changes could impact the legality and functioning of projects. Ensure you understand the legal implications in your country or region.

Scams and Fraud: The cryptocurrency space has been associated with scams, fraudulent schemes, and phishing attacks. Be cautious of unsolicited offers, and always verify the authenticity of the information and individuals involved in a project.

Unpredictable Technology: Web3 projects use new and advanced tech that might not be fully checked. This could lead to problems and money loss.

Liquidity Risks: Tokens acquired through pre-sales or investments may not have an active secondary market initially, which could limit your ability to buy, sell, or trade them.

Financial Advice: The information provided on our platform, including whitepapers, project details, and investment recommendations, should not be considered financial advice. You should consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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Please remember that investing in cryptocurrencies and Web3 projects can be speculative and involves high risk. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

This disclaimer is designed to inform potential investors about the risks and considerations associated with participating in the Finceptor investment platform. However, it is advised to consult legal experts to ensure the disclaimer is appropriate for your specific circumstances and legal requirements.

Purchasing, holding, and transacting in any way with VV token shall not warrant, commit nor guarantee any revenue, profit, or value appreciation. Purchasing VV shall not be construed as an investment. VV merely offers utilities and features within the Virtual Versions ecosystem and platforms. Finceptor reserves its right to amend and modify the utilities and features offered by VV.

Crypto and crypto assets transactions, including VV, are very risky regarding potential losses, merchantability, technical failures, and legal and tax requirements. Indeed, the price of crypto assets can even become zero or be excessively volatile. By purchasing and holding or transacting in any way with VV token, you agree and acknowledge that you undertake such risks on your own and shall consult your legal and tax consultants for compliance purposes.

We do not provide investment or financial advice, and all projects reviewed are done objectively in accordance with established reporting and information dissemination best practices. Before investing in any Web3-related project, you should conduct your research. As a result, Finceptor is not liable for any losses incurred due to a consumer’s investment decision.

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